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How to Disable/Enable IPv6 in Windows 10

How to DisableEnable IPv6 in Windows 10 image 1 Windows 10 allows to enable and disable IPv6, currently available most advanced version of Internet Protocol, with a small registry tweak. This protocol is primarily responsible for identifying moreover locating systems for computers connected to the World Wide Web. In addition, it also acts as a communication protocol for routing web traffic

How to Make a Program Autostart in Windows 10

When you Make a Program Autostart on Windows 10, the OS triggers that specific program to function immediately on every startup of the computer. There are probably certain programs or applications on your PC that opens all by itself when your PC starts. But, you have few methods through which you can

Fix: Won’t Download EXE File In Windows 10

Won’t Download EXE File In Windows 10 image 3 At many times, the browsers Won’t Download EXE File in Windows 10 showing various error codes. Users are complaining that the download progress appears in the browser but once it is 100% over, the exe file gets disappear from the destination. So, in this guide, you see the solutions to overcome this issue.