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Windows 10 – How to Show New System Tray Clock

new system tray clock If you have installed new Windows 10 build 9926 on your PC’s desktop then you can feel few changes done for this preview version. Actually, new Windows 10 build 9926 version has been designed to look better on the desktop. Microsoft did not want to take any risk with this new version and modified

Windows 10 – How To Redeem Deleted Sticky Notes

Windows 10 - How To Redeem Deleted Sticky Notes To delete a Sticky Notes on the desktop is easier than creating. It requires only a click on the close button just located at the upper right corner of a Note. When we talk about confirmation It does require confirmation when default features are enabled and when you disable the inbuilt features you don’t

Add More Data Storage for Sites to Internet Explorer (IE)

value data section Internet Explorer has a certain limit (10MB) fixed for the data storage and it is filled up quickly if you visit sites frequently. Even if the data storage of Internet Explorer (IE) reaches it maximum level, there is a solution applying which you can increase the data storage and enjoy surfing always. So be

Delete Recent, Frequent from File Explorer on Windows 10

Delete Recent Files and Frequent Folders on Windows 10 After installing Windows 10 on your PC, you observe the default locations like Favorites, Frequent Folders, and Recent Files when you open File Explorer. The major default location is called Home. In the current OS, it includes two sections Frequent folders and Recent files. Obviously, this feature of the File Explorer app would not

How to Stop Snap View on Windows 8 – Tips

How to Stop Snap View on Windows 8 / 8.1 - Tips How to Stop Snap View on Windows 8 – Tips – When you work on two programs, snap view permits navigation from one program to other. For example, you are running MS Word and Wordpad at a time on Windows 8 PC Screen this feature enables you to shift from WordPad to MS word and MS