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Prevent UAC Prompt for Certain Programs on Windows 10, 8

Prevent UAC Prompt for Certain Programs on Windows 8 User Account Control (UAC) is a Windows safety caring feature that keeps your system secure. The default mode in UAC is the Admin Approval Mode, which needs administrators to approve functions. This feature of Windows helps in blocking uncertified access to the system. Whenever there are chances to make a change into your system

Complete Guide to Windows 8 Registry Editor

Windows 8 Registry Editor is a tool to view and change settings in the system registry. It holds the major data of the installed applications as well as individual settings for the operating system. The settings are displayed in a tree structured model and they are hidden from the users. If you are new

Windows 8 Tips – How to Rename Networks

Windows 8 Tips - How to Rename Networks After setting up internet connections or networks on Window PC, you can usually see its name as like Network 1, Network 2. These names obviously confuse users to decide whether which network is active on a certain time on his PC. That’s why you start trying rename your Network. Specified Network name helps in

How to disable USB Port on Windows 8 with Group Policy Setting

USB Storage device often indicates towards security vulnerability within every windows version. Because using it, the chance of virus attacking or data theft  could be done simply by unknown users. So, some windows users want to block his USB port on laptop or system to protect valuable data. In windows 8, a user can disable