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Tips to Mirror Galaxy S4’s screen on your TV

Galaxy S4 screen on tv The Samsung Galaxy S4 has revealed a bigger screen than previous Galaxy series. After touching a big-screen experience with Galaxy S4, some users want to view media files or play a game on the TV screen. These media files can be YouTube video or personal recorded video, captured image album. Now Samsung developers have arranged for this. […]

Reset Factory Settings or Securely Erase a BlackBerry 10 device Data

blackberry 10 security wipe option The BlackBerry 10 smartphone is available in all over the world market for purchasing. Blackberry 10 has been launched in only two models like Blackberry  Z10 and Q10. If you have decided to sell or give your BlackBerry 10 device as a gift then you need to wipe all the valuable information securely or do the […]

How to unlock galaxy, nexus, ericsson if lost Password

Unlock Your Android Mobile The Android phone is the first preference of a large number of people. Everyone wants a phone which can do a lot of thing and makes the life easy and entertaining. Android is an operating system for the mobile and tablet developed by the Google. This android operating system has many applications and features. All […]

How to reset your Android phone to factory settings step by step

 Android OS occupies a large share of smartphone market. A large number of popular third party mobile companies sell Android installed cell phones. Thus, the ways and means to reset factory settings in various hand sets might differ. These ways depend on what handset are you using or even the version of your OS.

How to Reset Factory Settings to Micromax Funbook – Hard or Soft

How to Reset Factory Settings to Micromax Funbook How to Reset Factory Settings to Micromax Funbook – In Present times, Android tablets is being used broadly. For business or education purpose, Android tablet performs significant role among its users. The Cause is its simple and user-friendly performance. The top rated mobile company Micromax has launched a Funbook tablet in different models in the market in 2012. […]

How to Reset factory setting to Samsung Galaxy smartphone, tablet

 Samsung is nominated as a top mobile brand of 2012. On the other hand, Google also like it a lot because Samsung Galaxy series (Smartphone or Tablets) has achieved desired goals world-wide with Android OS support. According to mobile experts or users, to access Samsung Galaxy is easier than other mobile brands Android Smartphones like […]

How To Reset Factory settings to Google Nexus Tablet – Hard, Soft

 Indeed, Google Nexus tablet is far ahead of the iPad and Amazon Kindle tablet. If your Google Nexus 7 or later version tablets is performing unresponsive or running slowly you have the option of reset factory. It will improve the performance of your tablet. This reset factory comprises two methods: Soft Reset Factory settings by Reboot Method Hard […]

How To Restore Factory Setting of IPad Mini with or without iTune

A few days back I have covered the same topic of how to factory reset on Kindle HD tablets, But you have no accurate knowledge about restore factory settings procedure with an iPad device. Recently Apple iPad Mini tablets have achieved more name than other tablets in the market. Actually, in different conditions, we need restore factory […]

How To Reset Factory Settings to Kindle Fire HD Tablet

kindle hd tablet notification screen The Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet has been launched all over the world in 2012. Its performance is praised everywhere. If you wish to sell or hand over Kindle Fire HD tablet to your colleagues you will need to perform Reset factory settings. After completing reset of factory settings, every personal information and accounts will […]

How To Reset Factory Settings to Windows Phone 8 Step by Step

windows phone 8 settings tile Suppose you have decided to sell windows phone 8 to other people in fresh conditions or sudden its performance becomes slow down after virus attacking, then the big solution before you is restore factory setting. Once it is performed, it will erase every personal data such as emails, contacts, text messages and many more entirely. […]
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