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Key Tips to Improve Your Writing Skill

Writing Skill Everyone wants to be a good writer. Writing is a way of expressing oneself with the help of words. This is a skill which doesn’t have every person. But it is said nothing is impossible. Anyone may be a good writer; he needs only real dedication to his work. Today I will suggest few tips […]

Tips for getting link through Comment for your Website

 Blog commenting is an art in itself as it takes years of experience in excelling in it. Blogging sites contain articles on various topics which usually interest the visitors. The main aim of writing these blogs are obviously sharing thoughts, but also earning money. And the best way is by acquiring competitor’s backlinks by commenting […]

How to use Facebook Graph Search for Website – Key Tips

 The Facebook Graph search was the most striking feature introduced at the beginning of this year. It allows integrating the information better to view a website. Facebook Graph search is proved helpful to everyone, ranging from individual websites to big enterprises having their profiles on Facebook. This feature has allowed Facebook to show information much more relevant for […]

How to Optimize a Blog for Mobile devices

 Optimizing a blog for the mobile devices – Blogs really need to be optimized for the mobile devices as many internet users nowadays are using their mobile devices to surf the web. And as you know a mobile always remains handy and any information can be instantly gathered. But, the web pages on a mobile […]

Block Google to avoid your content to be indexed

 Google is said to contain everything. Every bit of information a human being can think of is contained on Google. The information can be good or bad. There are various types of information which should be blocked from the web index and this article deals with such cases: The confidential content on the server should […]

How to Optimize Images without losing Quality for Blogging

Blogger or website owner often requires optimizing images for his website so that, page of the website may load speedily. An optimized image plays a significant role to run blog nicely during heavy traffic. In this context, Google has announced instructions to every blogger a few days ago.  According to Google, ranking of a website […]

Top 4 Websites to Create Blogs Free

 Best sites to create blogs – The list of the top websites to create the blogs is a very long one. But, the best sites are very less. Many blogs are usually self hosted WordPress blogs, but, the dominating ones are the free blogging websites. Custom domains can be set on such blogs, but there […]

How to add analytics code to Blogger Step by Step

add anaytics code to blogger_5 Analytics is the way to understand blog’s popularity on Internet. After creating a blog in blogger the next vital requirement is to add Analytics code to it. Go along these steps and add analytic Tracking code in your blogger in easy way: 1. Go to Google Analytics. You may follow this link to access it: […]