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Smooth scrolling to Scroll Web Page in Easier Way

 Over the years passed by, we have seen huge changes in the field of the internet. The broadband connections have revolutionized the speeds which had brought impact in other fields too. The content in the web got richer. The multi-page websites got crunched to the single page websites. This is evident from the very example. […]

Tips for link building through 2013

 Year 2013 has opened with hopes for every existing and every new aspiring blogger. The hope is to get the best of traffic and website rankings. One of the techniques is to get backlinks. As new technologies are evolving everyday, so are the tactics and new strategies. Marketers are in a queue to provide the […]

How to Get RSS Feeds and Read blogs in your Native Language

 Most of us have our favorite bloggers whom we have subscribed to constantly receive updates from their page. You only subscribe to a blog when you understand the blogger’s language. But, there are various other bloggers all over the world whose blogs are as interesting as everybody else’s, but we are unable to subscribe them because they […]

How to prepare for Google Author Rank for getting Jump

 Every website owner, every blog writer wants to get only one thing, a good rank. Hailed as one of the greatest things which is coming, the Google author rank is authoritative measurement of the people writing content on the blogs and the websites. Now along with the domain name which usually had been the basis […]

Blogging Niches to Avoid in 2013 – Tips for New Bloggers

 We are already completing half a month of this New Year. New bloggers are getting added everyday and the old ones are getting more and more stronger. Still there are mistakes being committed everyday even by the most experienced ones. This post of mine basically concentrates on those niches which should be strictly avoided in […]

Creating a customised 404 page in WordPress

My last post was focused on creating a 404 page in Thesis theme. And this article takes it a step further by teaching you how to create a customized 404 page in WordPress. It actually makes more sense than the normal 404 page. Here is an example of how a customized 404 page would appear […]

Best tips to make your Blog Popular

 Blogging is an established web activity that initially started as a hobby, but soon gained a position as a profession and in a lot of cases, it is the only occupation of a person. While deciding to take up blogging as a profession or hobby and starting a regular blog is not difficult, getting enough […]

Best tips for Marketing through Facebook in 2013

 As the days keep on going, the social networking family of the Facebook is also growing with diverse people from all around the world. And according to the research conducted by the Alexa, it is only next to Google in getting the traffic. So who would not try to market their business in such diverse […]

Some Hidden Blogging Platforms you may use

 An avid blogger remains active on most blogging platforms so that he/she can expand viewership base and communicate with a larger group of blog readers. But, writing a blog on any prominent single issue and then publishing it separately on each platform turns out to be unnecessarily tedious because you are required to type the […]