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How to Block, Report, Unblock Members on Linkedin

How to block member on linkedin Connection indicates popularity of user on LinkedIn. But this connection is embarrassing when anyone starts harassing on this Social media site. This situation is painful on any social media website either it is Facebook, Twitter or else, but these sites has a lot of tools to block or report any user. People on LinkedIn were undergoing […]

How to be Safe and Private when Chat on 2go App

 2go is a mobile messenger and the millions of registered users are using it. It is just like a social network and free of cost for every mobile version.With this app, you can chat with friends or family, share pictures or videos. Here we are showing that how can you Chat with friends or family […]

Deskhop – Share Your PC Screen with Facebook Friends

deskho, facebook Deskhop is a very beautiful and interesting app of Facebook which allows you to take control of your friends screen or share your PC screen to your Facebook friends. This app is a free software available for both Windows as well as Mac. You can share windows PC to Mac and Vice-Versa using this amazing app. […]

Best Ways to Use Hashtags in Twitter – Basic Tips

Best Ways to Use Hashtags in Twitter Hashtag is defined as a simple keyword phrase which is pronounced without the use of spaces in between the hash and tag. It has a symbol (#) which is attached before any keyword which we use here like: #ILoveMilk or #boundingchat. Hashtag is mark keywords or topics in Tweets. Whenever, you click on any hashtag, […]

5 Top Hidden Facebook Tips and Tricks

sendible online service for facebook Facebook access has become an essential part of our daily routine. But it is not easy to identify for the Facebook user how to take benefit from this social network. Facebook is always upgrading and offering different features with the purpose to remain it as most used social network at international level. In recent times, many new […]

The rise of Facebook in the social world

The rise of Facebook in the social world There are only seven apps mostly being used by the people and Facebook accounts for 751 million users. It has become a star with its phenomenal success in the Silicon Valley. It has crossed the 1.1 billion mark and which means that every sixth person in this world has a Facebook account and it is […]