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How to Get Longer Battery Life on Surface Pro 4 (Windows 10)

How to Get Longer Battery Life on Surface Pro 4 You are here means you want to know how to Get Longer Battery Life on Surface Pro 4. As per great functionalities and features the device is able to run heavyweight applications and games. So maximum chances are there to consumption of more power in the Microsoft Windows 10 tab. However, Surface Pro 4’s specifications […]

Surface Pro 4 Tips to Setup and Customize

surface pro 4 at microsoft store Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the duly anticipated and freshly unveiled Windows 10 device that can function as both of desktop and tablet with magnified specifications. It is faster, improved, and the battery span of it is far ahead of its former version. But after possessing the device you need to configure numerous important

How to set up Nexus 10 Tablet – Guide

set up nexus 10 tablet To set up Google Nexus 10 is not very different from other Nexus. In this regard after starting the tablet Nexus 10 you will have to select language, WiFi, Sync Google account to get apps, YouTube videos, Sign in into Google Wallet if you will purchase games, videos, etc and last but not least learn […]

7 Cool Tasks to do With Your Tablet

safe your home with tablet app Tablet user performs often a limited number of tasks such as web browsing, checking emails, reading e-books, playing games online or offline and watching movies. Despite majority of android apps are at their respective stores, it is true fact that most users don’t feel comfortable with their tabs. A little tablet is able to do a […]

5 Best DIY Tablet Mounts for Tech Savvies

swing arm Tablets have become personal favorites of everyone. Each and every person wants to own one and wants to flaunt it. Some people just want to show off while others are real serious about it. They use it in each and every activity literally making themselves dependent on it. They use it even on the

Best Apps to use your Android Phone as a Remote Tablet

android remote tablet Android nowadays is dominating the world making its presence felt on nearly every mobile and tablet device. New features are being added everyday and the existing ones are being developed. Android is now available on various mobile and tablet variants. And as we all know these have become man’s best friend. There are various instances […]