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Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Price and Release date

A day ago, Microsoft has declared that latest Microsoft Surface Pro series tablet will be releasing on 9 February 2013. Currently two types of surface pro tablet model will be present for shopping in USA and Canada. To review the Microsoft Pro Surface, Intel Core i5 processor is integrated. It execute multiple tasks at the […]

How to Reset Factory Settings to Micromax Funbook – Hard or Soft

How to Reset Factory Settings to Micromax Funbook How to Reset Factory Settings to Micromax Funbook – In Present times, Android tablets is being used broadly. For business or education purpose, Android tablet performs significant role among its users. The Cause is its simple and user-friendly performance. The top rated mobile company Micromax has launched a Funbook tablet in different models in the market in 2012. […]

How to Reset factory setting to Samsung Galaxy smartphone, tablet

 Samsung is nominated as a top mobile brand of 2012. On the other hand, Google also like it a lot because Samsung Galaxy series (Smartphone or Tablets) has achieved desired goals world-wide with Android OS support. According to mobile experts or users, to access Samsung Galaxy is easier than other mobile brands Android Smartphones like […]

Download Trackpad Settings App for Microsoft Surface

 Whether you purchase a Microsoft Surface, it takes time to accustomed with built-in applications. Using Microsoft Surface, Trackpad requires optimization to be operated smoothly. Microsoft has developed Trackpad Setting app to resolve controlling Trackpad matter. You may download Microsoft supported Trackpad Setting app from link, which is placed on bottom of this article.

Best 5 Microsoft Surface Tablet apps

windows 8 app for surface windows 8 app for surface Microsoft Surface is a fresh entrant in the tablet market and has collected favorable reviews from the tech community around the world. Now that many people plan to buy it, knowing about the best five apps that can make your Surface experience better, would be good. Here is a list of five most popular

How To Reset Factory Settings to Kindle Fire HD Tablet

kindle hd tablet notification screen The Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet has been launched all over the world in 2012. Its performance is praised everywhere. If you wish to sell or hand over Kindle Fire HD tablet to your colleagues you will need to perform Reset factory settings. After completing reset of factory settings, every personal information and accounts will […]

Commercial Version Of Aakash Tablets Launched For Everyone

With the advent of the ever-rising technology in communication and micro-computing, Smartphones and tablets are becoming the primary preference of all. In this modern world everyone wants to enjoy the technology irrespective of nationality and financial barriers and for this Datawind Inc. is a boon. It is the UK based electronic company producing high-end, good […]