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Macrium Reflect v7.2.4732 Release with Bug Fixes

Macrium Reflect v7.2.4732 Release With Bug Fixes Talking about Backup and clone solutions only a few are perfectly compatible with Windows OS. Macrium Reflect is one of them that regularly releases updates to keep the software error free and meet with users’ requirements. Macrium Reflect v7.2.4732 release came out with some important bugfixes and improvements. Some of them are regarding resolution for […]

Microsoft Edge Dev 81.0.416.3 Rolled out with lots of Changes

Microsoft Edge Dev 81.0.416.3 Dev Channel of Edge updates the version with numerous changes. We are here with the changelog of reliability improvements, behavior, and known issues. Previously Microsoft Edge Stable Version 80.0.361.48 has been rolled out having the feature of availability for ARM devices. Now see the features – Microsoft Edge Dev 81.0.416.3 Changelog Microsoft Edge Dev 81.0.416.3 […]

Adobe Flash Player is Available to Download

Adobe Flash Player Adobe released Flash Player version Changelog for the update is unavailable till now.  You can also receive the version this evening via Windows update if critical security hole has been fixed. Adobe has already rolled out 2 updates so a maximum of 10 updates will be provided until the end of 2020. The Flash […]

PropertySystemView – Change File Properties and Metadata on Windows

PropertySystemView This small software from Nirsoft allows you to view and change the properties of a file using command-line and GUI. The app handles the system to provide the feature. For instance, you can modify the timestamp data saved into .mp4 files System.Media.DateEncoded. Furthermore, metadata in office documents, like Tags, Title, Authors, Comments, and different dates […]

ScreenToGif 2.20 Released with Many Improvements

ScreenToGif 2.20 Talking about Selected Area Screenshot recording a modest number of utilities are available. ScreenToGif is one of them which is pretty lightweight and handy. The tool also offers built-in  Webcam, Board recorder, and Editor. ScreenToGif 2.20 is the latest update of the software that includes a decent number of improvements and bug fixes. See the […]

Office 2016 Updates for January 2020

Office 2016 Updates for January 2020 After end of the Christmas holiday, Microsoft rolled out the first update packages of 2020. These non-security updates are available for Microsoft Office 2016.  As always the MSI version. Office 2016 Updates for January 2020 KB4464586 for Office 2016 – This update features users to bypass credentials when accessing a resource in a private domain […] 4.2.6 Beta Version Build 7263 Rolled Out 4.2.6 Beta Version Build 7263 is rolled out in Beta version 4.2.6 with build 7263. This release just graduated into beta, which means pretty much everything should be working the way it should, and translations have been updated. It should be a short path from here to the final release of 4.2.6, which means I can start working on […]

Office 365 will by Default Save the Documents to OneDrive

Office 365 will by Default Save the Documents to OneDrive Image 1 2019 is going to the remarkable for Microsoft Office 365 users. The Redmond has already announced so many new inventions, latest modification for Windows 10 1903 such as support for AVI File type, Reserved Storage, Cortana and Start separation. And guess what! Microsoft announced Office 365 will by Default Save the Documents to OneDrive starting from […]