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Themes for Windows 10

Dogs and Cats Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Get Dogs and Cats Windows 10 Theme Having a cat and a dog under the same roof is quite tough to manage in real life, but Microsoft made it possible with its newly launched Windows 10 theme. This personalize app includes 15 adorable moreover fluffy and furry images the pets that will fill your mind with joy. People of all ages who […]

Best of Wallpapers 2019 Exclusive Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Best of Wallpapers 2019 Exclusive Microsoft once again comes with striking personalization app. Now Best of wallpapers 2019 Exclusive Windows 10 theme is available to download. And, as the name suggests, this set consists of some of the most captivating images from the bygone year you can have as your desktop background. The Store theme mostly contains pictures of nature, […]

Fireworks on New Year’s Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Fireworks on New Year's To welcome New year, most beautiful cities around the world are busy preparing fireworks display. Microsoft also kept that thing in mind and released Fireworks on New Year’s theme for Windows 10 devices. This personalization app includes 16 beautiful images that you can use to spark your desktop background. Pictures comprised in the theme pack […]

Ice Crystals PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Ice Crystals PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download] Those who take a few moments out to observe and appreciate how artistic, admirable and beautiful can certainly love the all-new Ice crystals Premium. It is a recently brought out theme for Windows 10. It is a set of 15 high-quality images showing off the perfection components of natures- even once as simple as ice. […]

What Next PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download]

What Next PREMIUM People who desire to explore new places can always find out reasons for traveling and their love for new places. Some are so obsessed that they even prefer to personalize their desktops with wallpapers of different places. Very recently, Microsoft releases a theme that lets you enjoy 17 simple yet interesting locations that you wish […]

Staircases PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Staircases PREMIUM Make your desktop screen more attractive with newly released Staircases PREMIUM theme which shows rising, descending, and gracefully curving beauty of architectural stairways. This personalization app comprises 12 super quality 4K images in total that you can use as background wallpaper only. Though getting this Windows 10 theme doesn’t cost any bucks, you need a […]

Stunning Waterfalls PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Stunning Waterfalls PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme Experience the splendid beauty of Waterfalls cascade over mountains, through forests, and onto beaches with newly released Windows 10 theme Stunning Waterfalls PREMIUM. This personalization app includes 19 super quality 4K images which will make you travel the cataract of China to Iceland in mind. Pictures comprised in this theme pack are pretty amazing however […]

Take a Moment PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Take a Moment PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme In this crazy world where we are left with so many things to worry about, all of us would like to have some peace of mind. Though we can’t guarantee about life, a theme pack will surely pacify your mind while using Windows 10 PC. You must individualize your desktop wallpaper with newly released theme […]

Wish You Were Here PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Wish You Were Here PREMIUM Microsoft always considers users’ feedbacks, requests, and preferences very promptly. One such new release by the giant company for the people who love to stay calm and with nature is Wish You Were Here PREMIUM. This free Windows 10 Theme consists of 9 premium 4K pictures that you can use as desktop wallpaper only. Being […]

Day on the Farm Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Day on the Farm Windows 10 Theme [Download] Day on the Farm is one of the latest themes for Windows 10 available on the Microsoft store right now. Desktop background photographs in the personalization app would certainly be of appeal to those who have a thing for farms, remote areas, and countryside. The 18-image theme is available for use as the desktop wallpaper […]