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Themes for Windows 10

Bakehouse Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Bakehouse Windows 10 Theme Pic 2 Microsoft brings Bakehouse Windows 10 Theme especially for you. This comprises of 5-set of desktop wallpapers consisting cartoonish bread, pastry characters and many more. It is created by Wang & Hsueh Shih. This theme is available free of cost and is for wallpaper purpose only. Try this out and provide a new look to your […]

Knits and Wool Windows 10 theme [Download]

Knits and Wool Windows 10 theme Image 3 Knits and Wool Windows 10 theme is a compilation of 16 lovely images present on the Microsoft Store. These pictures are free for all who loves to keep their computer screen colorful, bright and shiny. This beautiful theme for Windows 10 contains a vibrant color of wool and woolen product pics like sweater, sleeves and many […]

The Butterfly Windows 10 Theme [Download]

The Butterfly Windows 10 Theme [Download] Image 1 The Butterfly Windows 10 theme is a collection of 20 delightful desktop backgrounds available in the Microsoft Store. You may enjoy the meek beauty of nature on the computer screen with the wallpaper having the pics of flit, feed, and hatch. This beautiful Windows 10 theme contains a various color of butterfly images like blue, […]

Seeing Red Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Seeing Red Windows 10 Theme Image 2 Seeing Red Windows 10 theme is a collection of 15 adorable images having this color in Microsoft Store. The desktop wallpapers welcome the valentines week with lovely pics on your screen. This beautiful Valentine themes for windows 10 includes cars, candles, cranberries, and many daily-life items; all colored in shades of red. The app weighs […]

Up in the Sky Theme For Windows 10 [Download]

Up in the Sky Theme Image 4 Microsoft Store now includes Up in the Sky Theme For Windows 10. This Personalization app basically revolves around aircraft taking off. The photographs are all appreciable in the context of beauty and color contrasts. Theme contains a collection of 16 images of aircraft seen from above, below, or across a graceful wing which gives you […]

Field of Poppies Theme for Windows 10 [Download]

Field of Poppies Theme Pic 3 For all such nature lovers, Microsoft has introduced an elegant theme for your desktop known as the Field of Poppies. This personalization app consists of 16 amazing wallpapers of lush green fields of beautiful red poppies which eventually add a bright and colorful contrast to your desktop screen. The beauty of nature always have a […]

Frosty Art Theme for Windows 10 (Download)

Frosty Art Theme for Windows 10 (Download) image 2 Frosty Art Theme for Windows 10 is a recent release in Microsoft store. The personalization app contains a set of 20 catchy images of Frozen bubbles, crystalline leaves, and delicate buttercups show off their fragile sparkles. The beautiful nature theme captures and shows off the finesse of each tiny segment of frost. Frosty Art Theme […]

Snowy Mountains Theme for Windows 10 [Download]

Snowy Mountains Theme for Windows 10 [Download] image 2 For nature and travel enthusiasts out there, Microsoft store just landed another interesting nature-based winter theme in stock; Snowy Mountains. The personalization app includes a set of 18 striking images of icy mountain peaks glittering under northern light, sunshine, moonlight, and stars. It is self-explanatory that you can use these pictures as desktop wallpaper only. Read […]

Call of The Raven Theme for Windows 10 [Download]

Call of the Raven theme for Windows 10 (Download) image 3 For anyone who is amazed and amused by ravens, Microsoft has offered them a perfect theme known as Call of the Raven. The stunning and black as charcoal birds are the main event of every desktop wallpaper which brings a dark but classic contrast to the display of your screen. Microsoft Corporation released this excellent theme […]