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11 Tips To increase Windows Phone 8.1 Battery Life

11 Tips To increase Windows Phone 8.1 Battery Life If you are a Windows Phone 8.1 user you would always want to use your phone as long as you can in a single battery charge. With lots of cool features and bigger screen, Windows Phone 8.1 suffers from the battery drainage problem. If you are a game lover or a heavy user you will surely be disappointed with your […]

How to Urgently Shutdown or Restart Windows 10, 8 or 7

How to Urgently Shutdown or Restart Windows 8 or 7 Urgently Shutdown or Restart Windows 10, 8 or 7. – There often come the situations where we think of shutting down our laptop or PCs urgently. Similar conditions also hold for restarting them. There came some situation like Your Mouse stops working, the laptop is hanging a lot, Browser not working even after restarting them.

10 Best Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

 Windows 7 is a very popular OS by the Microsoft and even after the emergence of many new OS, people still keep the Windows 7. Hence, knowing a Windows 7 tips and tricks, how to, would help improve your experience with this good OS. Here are some interesting tips:

How to make Free International Calls with Skype

skype We make calls to show the solidity with our relatives or friends, who are staying far away physically but attached emotionally to us. Certainly, It is the best way to connect easily with dear one across the country. Whenever people get timing they like to get connected with faraway members. As you know each international calling […]

How to connect Computer to wireless Router to access Internet

wireless router How to connect Computer to wireless Router to access Internet: An active Internet connection requires its connection with the wide area network. There are various means of connection, and one of them is the wireless router. The router configuration has to be sometimes updated to connect through a wireless router. The requirements for the connection […]

How to use OneNote Templates and Add More Templates

onenote page template image OneNote is the computer program that gathers and share user’s notes, screen clips, drawings and audio commentaries at the same Microsoft OneNote network. The OneNote application is obtained on Windows-powered devices besides of iOS and Android. Indeed, it is widely existing and certainly, you use this application to capture and share contents

6 best Tips to Prevent Computer Hacking

computer hacking In latest technological era, business organization personals often scare from upcoming security threats and chances of hacking computers. As soon as a computer is hacked in the professional and business environment users can lose huge amount of money and valuable private details. To secure systems against hacking is a serious task in tech world.

Follow 6 Best Tips for better Computing

computing tips image Operating a computer system smoothly is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes a lot of patience in organizing it for smooth running. The problem arises when the antivirus programs are not running regularly, when the folders are not organized, and they get filled with viruses and when everything is kept disorganized. This article