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How to Delete Twitter App History on Windows 10

Delete Twitter App History on Windows 10 – Twitter application does not provide any tool or button to erase data. After you explore content in this social media application you often need to remove the browsing data. If you run Twitter in a Browser, you remove the browser’s history instantly for this purpose. But
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How to Set Twitter App Theme Dark or Light in Windows 10

How to Set Twitter App Theme Dark or Light in Windows 10 – In the past few days, a significant update has arrived at the Universal App of Twitter comprising certain distinctive features. Now on the Twitter app whether on Windows 10 Desktop or Phone you are capable of doing change in its theme to
Top 5 Twitter Header / Cover Creating Sites

Top 5 Twitter Header / Cover Creating Sites

Your Twitter Profile Page exhibits your personality to the Internet world which definitely makes you upload the best pictures. Just like the rival networking site Facebook had come up with their cover page, so Twitter had discovered the Twitter header image for its account holders. The only difference occurs is the dimension which is 520 […]
Best Ways to Use Hashtags in Twitter

Best Ways to Use Hashtags in Twitter – Basic Tips

Hashtag is defined as a simple keyword phrase which is pronounced without the use of spaces in between the hash and tag. It has a symbol (#) which is attached before any keyword which we use here like: #ILoveMilk or #boundingchat. Hashtag is mark keywords or topics in Tweets. Whenever, you click on any hashtag, […]
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New Tweeting Experience With Plume App for Android

Plume is a beautiful app for all those twitter users who want to use it on their Android phone with much easier and new way. It is a free app but the ad free version is paid. It is something that people would really go for when they are tweeting and retweeting, sending message and […]
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View Twitter Images and Videos Easily with Chrome Extensions

Currently most people use twitter on the Google chrome browser. Twitter offers several benefits to its users. Twitter users may run multiple twitter accounts, set schedule tweets, automate and filter tweets in feed as well as modify any schedule tweet before retweeting it. In this context, there are several chrome extensions available in the

Twitter App for Windows Phone, Features, Download link

The official Twitter App for Windows Phone has arrived. The Twitter App has been designed to meet significant challenges. It adds several new features including with Speech Recognition Support.  You find absolutely new Lock Screen Support, multiple Navigation Tabs, Live Tile support, Tweet and Search buttons in Twitter App for Windows Phone. Now, I am […]

How to Download and Install Carbon for Twitter from APK

Much awaited Carbon for Twitter app has been released. It would be quite handy application for Nexus 4 device. The Carbon for Twitter app comes with nice user interface with plenty of features including with Power Scroll, Tilt Timeline to refresh, Background updates, Filters for Keyword, Hashtags, Threaded Direct Messages, Rich HD style for

How To Embed Vine Video On WordPress Website

Vine app of Twitter has come into view a few days back. It lets twitter user grab and share personal videos only on Twitter or Facebook. One of the best features of Vine app is that it is restricted in the area of sharing videos. As a result, at one side user cannot copy the […]

Twitter updates for Enhancement in Viewing Photos and Videos

Twitter has made several enhancements to stay ahead to nearest micro-blogging sites. It makes some changes to put cool effects on Images and Videos on Twitter profiles. Except Twitter Profile these changes will also be visible in search results. As, I mentioned above that Twitter enhancements produce beauty while displaying  animated Twitter Images or Videos. One can see […]