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Top 5 Tips to get noticed on Social Sites

 Everyone wants to get noticed in crowd and why not in social networking sites where everyone is eager to show the world who they are. There are lots of social networking sites such as FriendFeed, Identica, Plurk, Twitter, Facebook to name a few. But, the problem where a person faces is he becomes a follower […]

Twitter enhances new features to embedded Tweets

 Twitter – microblogging websites has enhances a new function that lets users to embed all their Tweets. As Tweets bring closer to far away people around the world and with embedded Tweets, one can interact and see others across the web. It would be nice to integrate it  with multimedia contents. Such integration does wonder while going to […]

Download Photos of Twitter profile with Twitter Image Downloader

Twitter is definitely admired platform for sharing photos world-wide. A desktop supported application namely Twitter Image Downloader which facilitates you to download recently uploaded images from any twitter profile and watch them in web environment. It has been developed by Microsoft Net Framework team. Actually Twitter does not support solid photo viewing experience like

How to backup Tweets in Twitter Account

twitter archive image Twitter is a well-known social networking sites in web world. It has more than five hundred million users in all across the world. Since existence in 2006, it has made many changes in interface to lead blogging section. It was long time on Twitter, we miss Back-up system. In condition of malfunctioning, users have hardly any […]

Download InstaTwit to bring Instagram Photo back to Twitter

Download InstaTwit to bring Instagram Photo back to Twitter Download InstaTwit – Lately many of us experienced Instagram service on our Twitter Accounts. As you know Instagram is Facebook owned photo service. Increasing complaints, regarding cropping images and view on Twitter webs, forced to disintegrate Instagram service on Twitter. Indeed, the decision like disintegration of Instagram service on Twitter hearts sentiments of the most regular follower. […]

Top 5 Twitter Apps for Windows 8

 Windows 8 comes with multiple built-in applications. Inclusion like Start Screen Tile, Metro User Interface, Charms Bar, Windows Store etc denotes amazing changes in Windows 8. You may observe pretty useful applications and feel differences, whenever you switch to  Windows 8 on your PC or Tablet or Laptop. As you know expectation of current

How to share a large file on Twitter with Twileshare

 The immensely popular social networking site Twitter has currently 500 million users and is the second largest social networking site in the world wide web. On a site as Twitter, there’s no limit to the number of ways you can share your likes, dislikes, experiences with others….But….within a limit of 140 characters? Not really Friends! […]