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Best Tips to Stop Twitter’s Email Spam step by step

twitter main logo If you spend more time with your twitter account number of spam emails or messages will be trouble for you. Some of these email alerts are enabled by default. To get rid of twitter spam and numerous emails you will have to change settings in your twitter email alert settings. I am sure, some of […]

How to connect Twitter with Facebook Account Step by step

twitter and facebook connect logo If you are keen follower of Facebook and Twitter you may send the same articles, comments or tweets on both platforms at the same time. In present time, popularity of both social networking sites – Facebook and twitter has enhanced all over the world. So, twitter has released a new feature to connect with Facebook account openly. As a result whenever you […]

How to add Facebook Like Cover Photo on Twitter and change header

 Twitter has become every person’s identity. Everyone is tweeting to literally become a twitter celebrity. Therefore, Twitter is also making various changes to make the accounts look more appealing. The layout on twitter is updated and a new feature similar to Facebook has been added. Just like a long cover photo can be uploaded on the Facebook […]

Chrome Extension Please bring back photo grid view for Twitter

chrom bring back photo grid view image Thumbnail shows previews of all images in existing gallery. Without thumbnail preview, you could not be able to select a particular image with touch and go style. Therefore, thumbnail feature is unavoidable in any circumstance. A few months ago, Twitter had thumbnails facility, but at present, it has made disable Thumbnail preview features. Such idea causes […]

how to use fliptoast to hold facebook and twitter on one platform

fliptoast on windows 8 Store image Currently Windows 8 App Store has presented several helpful and personal apps for their windows 8 user. A special app has been searched which assists you to control Twitter and Facebook at same time from one locations. This app is known as FlipToast, and it has been designed to operate top rated social network sites (Facebook and twitter) […]

Twitter Button Replaces TweetMeme Button

 Sustaining no. 1 position in competitive world of Social Networking site is always been tough task for either websites. Twitter, the leading social media contenders, consolidates its position since the existence. Wary about advancement of new technology as well as insertion into a website helps Twitter to stay ahead to others. I have mentioned other Twitter innovation named How Activate New […]

How to be Effective on a Social Networking Website

 People nowadays are on a race to become influential in every platform and social networking sites are on their top priority list. And this is becoming more important in the corporate field as people from all around the world by the grace of the Internet have come closer to each other thus forming virtual teams […]

How Activate New Twitter Profile to get Correct Header Photo

twitter login Being users of the microblogging site ‘Twitter’ we witness its inherent features quite closely. Certainly millions of Twitter followers are using this media to put their thoughts confidently at the world-class forum. The Global exposure of Twitter platform forces prominent personality around the world to raise their voice here. Riding on the list of top most blogging sites ‘Twitter’ has to do many more […]

Features of Windows 8 Tweetro App with Download Link

windows 8 tweetro app login Windows 8 Tweetro app makes windows 8 operating easy and its look is attractive.  It is a very useful app for windows 8. I am here presenting windows Tweetro app features as well as its download link. Features of windows 8 Tweetro App-  Once you install Tweetro app in your windows 8 computer, start

Is linking to Social Networking Sites productive?

social bookmarking sites logo Have you ever imagine, what mechanism Google apply during pushing search result page in front of net user? Answer is crystal clear that much more related keyword, which web page has, got better ranking subsequently pushed above in search ranking. On this explanation, most of newcomers think that they have lost opportunity to get higher search ranking because […]