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How to Delete Location Information from Twitter

Twiiter Setting link If we want to hide our location detail in Social networking website it is a big challenge. But in twitter there are a few clues by which you can keep your location detail secret. So here it is going to be negotiated that how one may delete location information from Twitter. How to delete location information […]

How to Deactivate / Delete a Twitter Account Permanently

deactivate my account link Twitter is becoming the favorite of millions around the world for expressing their thoughts. Even world-class leaders are connecting with people through this social networking site. There are many activities to be performed on Twitter. Here are some of the ways to deactivate a Twitter account. This deactivation process is not available for mobile devices. […]

How to be safe on Social Networking Websites, Avoid Hacking

 Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace have brought people together and have helped people share their emotions with everyone. ‘Happiness is doubled when shared and sorrows are halved when shared’, these websites have taken this quote to a new level. But some fraudsters like hackers, identity thieves, spammers, virus writers, have started to […]