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How to upgrade Windows 8 Pro Free from Window 8 Media Center

windows 8 pro Microsoft offers Free Windows 8 Media Center upgrade version for Windows 8 Pro users for limited period of time. Meanwhile, general perceptions about using upgraded version without paying any money do exists with Microsoft announcements. Microsoft’s offer is available on promotional page which shows act of free up-gradation would be valid until 31st January 

How to Download Windows 8 to Test and upgrade

windows 8 pro logo Would you want to download and attempt to operate the full version of Windows 8 on your computer before purchasing license copy? Today Microsoft has released Windows 8 among all over the world with great zeal and courage. If you are accessing older any windows versions like Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7

How To Upgrade Windows 8 To Windows 8 Pro

windows 8 properties Windows 8 has been launched in four editions so far by Microsoft- Windows Pro ( 32 bit and 64 bit) Windows 8 Enterprise ( 32 bit and 64 bit) Windows 8 RT ( 90 days trail) First three editions were purposed for Personal Computer and laptops While Windows 8 RT edition only for Tablet PC. In order to

Microsoft Windows 8 Price after offer to upgrade

windows 8 product copy Although we have informed to upgrade mode from windows 7 to windows 8 professional worth only price $39.99. But separate windows 8 license copy is going to be fixed on price $199. Microsoft will propose the windows 8 professional retail product copy on $ 69.99 till  31 January 2013, other than it will take price

How to Activate and Upgrade Windows 8

windows 8 activate After successful installation of windows 8, we need to activate it instantly. Otherwise we can’t upgrade windows 8 further to get new windows features. Actually windows activation is performed through entering correct genuine license key (25 digits). Activation is the procedure of making sure that current window

How to Upgrade and Install windows 8 from Windows 7

Windows 8 compatibility test Windows 8 both beta version (consumer and Developer) has been brought by Microsoft in 2012. So you may upgrade easily windows 8 from windows 7 from any of both versions. If you have already windows 8 bootable DVD disc then follow below tips. Step wise step tips for upgrading windows 8 from windows 7