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Windows 10 1903

Windows 10 1903 Version Support for AVIF File Type

Support for AVIF File type Format is another important feature coming up with the Windows 10 1903 Version April 2019 update. The new enhancement is reportedly now available for testing with insiders. AVIF or the AV1 image format uses HEIF as the container and AV1 frames. The support for AV1 video was brought in Windows […]

Windows 10 1903 will Reserve Storage for Minimum 7GB

Windows 10 1903 will Reserve Storage for Minimum 7GB According to the latest reports, Windows 10 1903 will have Reserved Storage of minimum 7 GB. The next major update of the latest Microsoft’s Operating system lined up for 2019 is certainly going to bring on a plethora of updates and changes in functioning. Among those list of changes will be some features in the […]

Windows 10 1903 will no longer Keep Cortana in Installation Environment

Windows 10 1903 will no longer keep Cortana in Installation Environment Image 1 Windows 10 1903 version will no longer keep Cortana in Installation Environment. This means that during the initial set-up phase, users will no more be able to use the voice-over feature. The next build of Windows Insider (coming after 18309) will most possibly introduce this feature. Microsoft introduced Cortana voice over for installation state with […]

Windows 10 1903 Changes, Improvement, and Features

Windows 10 1903 Changes Improvement, and Features - acrylic effect Microsoft is working on Windows 10 1903 version to release in April 2019 with modern features and improvements. The Codename of the 7th major update will be 19H1. Windows 10 receives 2 new versions every year this will be the 1st one for 2019. This article will introduce a list and details of all the […]