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Windows 10 2004

Windows 10 19041 20H1 ISO [Download]

Windows 10 19041 20H1 ISO [Download] Windows 10 19041 has reached a few days ago and now its ISO is available. The 20H1 update carries some important fixes including the expansion of Quick search feature across 12 more countries. Both of the Late access channels and easy access channel insiders received the build. Now they are able to download 19041.1 iso […]

Windows 10 19037 20H1 ISO [Download]

Download Windows 10 Build 19037 20H1 Yesterday, a new Windows 10 2004 (insider) as Build 190357.1 came out. As the testing is in the final phase the update didn’t bring any new feature however there were 2 improvements only. This is not the final version however there is no watermark on the desktop or a time limit under winver.  See Windows […]

DTrace for Windows 10 2004 20H1 [Download]

DTrace for Windows 10 2004 DTrace, the troubleshooting tool, for Kernel and User mode is available for Windows 10 2004 (20H1). This framework gives real time look of errors and conditions and ways to debug the system. Dtrace is based on Illumos. Allowing you to understand the work module of your system it monitors performance problems across multiple layers of […]

Windows 10 build 19035 [20H1] is Available to Download

Windows 10 build 19035 [20H1] Microsoft has just started the release of a Windows 10 build 19035 20H1, for Insider users opted fast and slow channel. The update includes no new feature but has some fixes, improvements and known issues you can read ahead. If you’re interested to install the Verbatim build go to Settings > Update & Security > […]

Windows 10 Build 19033 20H1 Rolled out in Fast+Slow Ring

Windows 10 Build 19033 20H1 Rolled out in Fast+Slow Ring Another significant preview build for version 20H1 is out for both Fast and Slow ring Insiders. Microsoft, the multinational technology company releases Windows 10 Build 19033. It does not contain any noticeable features but definitely includes some major fixes and a few changes. The update resolves issues in the About page of the Settings app, […]

Windows 10 build 19025.1051 [20H1] is Available on Slow Ring

Windows 10 build 19025.1051 [20H1] is Available on Slow Ring Microsoft released Windows 10 build 19025.1051 for late access channel 20H1. The features, fixes, and improvements are just same as the Fast ring update. For the fast ring level build 19025, see the article here. Microsoft rolled out the update on November 15, 2019 with a solitary feature. They added an algorithm for the detection […]