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Windows 7 Tips

How to Change windows 7 or XP look as Windows 8

How to Change windows 7 or XP look as Windows 8 Windows 8 for system as well as PC has become an ambitious choice for the most users who work with various operating systems. Even that it is also used in smartphones. This is only because it attracts the users yo go for Windows 8 is its unique and modern Metro User Interface which never

How to Add Desired Folders in Windows 7 Start Menu

How to Add Desired Folders in Windows 7 Start Menu When you start your PC having windows 7 and click the start menu you will see some folders on the right side of menu such as games, helps and support, music, picture, user etc. Some of them are required and some you might want to change and add your desired file there. For example you might […]

How to Use and Remove Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7

internet explorer 11 home screen Currently the recent version Internet Explorer 11 is present in windows 8.1 preview. Now windows 7 users can also grab it free. The top feature of Internet Explorer 11 lets you to boost overall performance improvements with support of a fresh JavaScript engine. It also supports 3D hardware accelerated web graphics and processional worth

Windows 8 task manager for Windows 7

 The task manager is a very helpful tool. It has been with the Windows OS for now about twenty years but it is still used by very small number of the users. For all those who do not know what a task manager is, let me explain, that it is a tool which is

How to downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7

downgrade Due to  various reasons, some businesses /client are looking to downgrade from Windows 8  pro to the lower version Windows 7 professional. Microsoft has provided with business licenses that come with downgrade rights, but make a note of it is that the rules can be tricky and compliance that could become an issue. There

How to Create Change and Recover windows 7 Password

windows 7 password change Windows 7 is one of the most popular operating system since now. It was developed by Microsoft Corporation as the next version after windows XP. Nowadays it becomes more popular operating system (OS) than earlier versions. Password is the most basic function to keep your system secure. Password prohibits another person from using your