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How To Reset Factory Settings to Windows Phone 8 Step by Step

windows phone 8 settings tile Suppose you have decided to sell windows phone 8 to other people in fresh conditions or sudden its performance becomes slow down after virus attacking, then the big solution before you is restore factory setting. Once it is performed, it will erase every personal data such as emails, contacts, text messages and many more entirely. […]

How To Get Back Bing Maps On Windows Phone 8

bing maps in wp8 Windows phone 8 is available from 27 October 2012 for their fans. The top-rated mobile production company Nokia has taken charge to launch windows phone 8 models world-wide. After examining apps feature, fans get Nokia Maps in place of missing default Bing Maps from app list. Actually Microsoft has decided to add Bing Map in […]

How To Update Windows 8 Phone Software

windows phone 8 first thing While we discuss top Smartphone manufacturers, Microsoft sponsored windows phone is counted as top rated Smartphone with Android and iPhone. Microsoft launches updated patch for Windows Phone edition time to time for people. Now windows phone 8 is the latest version which has been released in October 2012. In this context, to start updated windows […]

Windows Phone 8 App Preview is released by Skype

 Windows Phone 8 App preview has been released by executive team of Skype a few days ago. As you know it ‘Skype’ had produced easy to use application for Windows 8 and Mac most recently. The positive response encourages Skype team to broad their user base. Reason why inclusion of new one for Windows

Fresh Windows Phone 8 App Features and download link

windows phone 8 app screen Microsoft has released fresh version of windows phone 8 in conjunction with windows 8 OS full edition on 26 October 212. An updated app for Windows Phone 8 inside the Windows 8 store page has been found. Actually windows 8 phone is connected through Zune Software with computer or laptop installed windows version. According to Microsoft, fresh windows […]

Microsoft re-introduces Windows Phone 8

Microsoft once again introduced Windows Phone 8 at an event in San Francisco on 29th October 2012. As you know Microsoft fully wraps up Windows Phone 8 in June 2012 for enhancements of technology. Right now, after modification in the technology of Windows Phone 8, it comes in public domain. Microsoft reveals new features including Kids Corner […]