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Wireless holds the Windows 10 articles about WiFi Networks.

How to Enable WiFi Internet Sharing in windows 8

When you buy a WiFi Modem and establish internet access in this, the next task is to share Internet in your Computer. So it is contemporary that I share you how to enable WiFi Internet Sharing in Windows 8. After buying WiFi device, you configure it at first. Now proceed further Process to Enable

How to Enable WiFi Access point in windows 8 from Command Prompt

windows 8 command prompt menu Steps to Enable WiFi Access point in windows 8 from Command Prompt – Computer and Internet are complimentary for each other. Nowadays an individual who owns a computer wants to have an Internet connection. If he has not an Internet connection, he is not in the rest till the Internet is not accessed. The Connection

How to Open Blocked Sites step by step

click on control panel Act of Blocking & Unblocking particular websites are two sides of the same coin. Both questions are raised by many people simultaneously as how to block any website and how to open it again as per will? As you know that exercise of Blocking any websites require appropriate changes in system properties of existing Internet browsers. […]

How to create Wifi connection (Ad hoc mode) in Windows XP

1-WIFI-Properties 3 Wi-Fi  refers to “Wireless Fidelity”. It is the best option of networking standard for setting up wireless LAN connection in an alike home network. Wi-Fi is built upon the basis of IEEE 802.11 a/b/g and n standard version. It is basically implemented in star topology network with the use of Wireless adapter or Router that allows data transfer, Internet […]

How to Connect Idea Net setter to Computer or Laptop

 Idea Net setter is one of the most useful internet accessing modem. It is the cheapest one as well as catches network in far-flung and rural areas. These days it is available unlocked and Internet users may use it with any SIM whether it is Idea, Airtel, Reliance, Smart, Uninor, Stel or MTS. After buying idea net setter, […]

How to connect Photon Plus in Computer or Laptop?

TATA photon Plus access PHOTON PLUS is one of the fastest speed Internet Access Service Providing Modem at this time. Although for a mediocre Family member it is slight costly one. But if it is bought, pleases with its Internet accessing speed to the user. Its speed is 3.1 Mbps at the time of downloading and 1.8 Mbps at

How to find wifi Password in Windows 8/10 Step by Step

windows-8-Wireless-Properties Find wifi Password in Windows 8 Step by Step – When we connect our system with Internet providing machine through WiFi, a password is asked to set for security purpose. We try to set a strong password so that it may be more and more protected. But by chance, if the password is forgotten, we
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