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YouTweak – An Easy way to Watch YouTube Video with Chrome

YouTweak extension options A new chrome extension is present in the chrome store YouTweak for YouTube. The extension lets you to remove videos which you have watched on showing screen or in search results, disable YouTube autoplay feature and have every video play in 720 pixel resolution. You can  enable or disable YouTube videos with Each one

How to control the Youtube Video buffering on Chrome

How to control the Youtube Video buffering on Chrome Youtube usually has a very good reputation of playing or streaming the videos very smoothly, and it does really well. But sometimes the story is very different. The videos do not buffer smoothly and stop a lot. The only way out then is to pause the video which will stream the content and then click on the play

MetroTube For Windows 8 – A Feature Rich App to Play Youtube Video

metrotube app Definitely there is no lack of supreme YouTube apps for Windows 8 in the windows 8 store. But, Google has not released the official YouTube app yet for the Windows 8. I have already covered several unofficial and free YouTube apps likeYouTube+ and Prime Tube. Now windows 8 store has launched a new freeware

Upload Multiple Videos To YouTube & Dailymotion With AV Media Uploader

AV Media Uploader software According to a Google report released in 2012, about 71 % internet users spend time on YouTube. Today, Internet users are not only streaming a video but also busy in uploading their favorite video on YouTube or other video streaming website. But YouTube does not allow you to upload more than one video or music

How To download YouTube videos via Google Chrome

chrome A large number of internet users uses Google Chrome as browser. If they want to download YouTube Video, they have to go for a third party downloader software or website, whether it is Keepvid, Savevid, YouTube Downloader or any other. But Now an application is prepared by a third party website and can be installed

Search and Download YouTube Videos Easily with HeldenViewer

download youtube video HeldenViewer is a freeware utility tool. It facilitates you to search and download YouTube videos simply without support of web browser. The HeldenViewer tool works nicely on every windows version and other platforms like, Mac Linux or Lion OS X.Download HeldenViewer’ Tool Tips for How to use HeldenViewer Tool to Download YouTube Videos: During

How To Play YouTube HD video Streaming much Faster

Command prompt window Here you will go through a method for Play YouTube HD video Streaming much Faster. In recent times, we have felt that YouTube is performing unbearably slow despite having 2 MBPS speed internet connection. The video starts and stops time and again. We applies all our skills to fasten the YouTube video streaming speed, but […]

How to upload videos on YouTube without getting copyright claims

youtube photo upload YouTube is the largest video watching site. Huge numbers of videos are uploaded daily on YouTube. On YouTube, you have to upload your own created video. If a copied video or picture’s slideshow is uploaded to YouTube it will be penalized according to Copyright act. You can also lose your YouTube account forever on this […]

How to share photos on Youtube and set Slideshow

 Slideshows are an interesting way to share your photos with your friends. Sharing slideshows on YouTube is possible but earlier, it required you to use utilities as Picasa or Windows Movie Maker to arrange the images as a slideshow and then post them on YouTube  Now, YouTube itself offers a slideshow sharing option where you can create and share a […]

YouTube Alerts for Windows 8: get alarm for tag video update

YouTube Alerts for Windows 8   There are lots of applications in command to access YouTube on Windows 8 PC. When you desperately need to track a few specific YouTube tag video on Windows 8 PC, you left with the limited option. That limited option rolls over ‘YouTube Alerts’ app. The YouTube Alerts application instantly displays specific notification or alarm
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