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How to run YouTube Video in VLC Media Player

 VLC is the most popular software among countless media player applications. It supports almost every Audio and Video format and functions effectively on Windows, Max, Android, Linux, and iOS platform. All these specifications make VLC unavoidable material. Billions of users across the world rely on VLC to play popular Videos or Audios.

EagleGet – A Download Manager Free Software for PC

eagleget downloader addons on firefox Often we need proper download manager with the purpose of download multiple huge files like movie, audio album, software from the internet. The role of EagleGet download manager is important, because it resumes added download tasks in case of internet connection is lost.

How to Watch YouTube Videos in Floating Window On Social Sites

 Currently, YouTube videos are shared widely to every social network like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. The user has to start a new tab in chrome browser to watch YouTube videos while they access any social site. A new chrome extension named ViewTube – YouTube ™ for Social Sites that facilitates users to watch YouTube videos […]

How to Watch YouTube Videos in Slow Internet Connection

 It is a special treat to watch YouTube online streaming on system. As Online Streaming needs high-speed internet connection, which could not be possible all across the globe. Low-level internet connection does not yield adequate bandwidth to download YouTube Online Videos on your system. People tempted to YouTube service are calling for help from the certain quarter. YouTube […]

TubeStop: Chrome Extension to add Keyboard Shortcuts to YouTube

 Having keyboard shortcuts for any application is always been nice for better execution. YouTube – the leading online video streaming site has relatively balanced keyboard shortcut. To use these shortcuts, you are needed to hover the mouse pointer over elements of a video player. Condition like this breaks principle of keeping keyboard shortcuts,

YouTube+ app for windows 8 – Watch YouTube videos in HD quality

YouTube+ is known as leading YouTube app for Windows 8. But, it is not official app through YouTube support.  YouTube+ helps us to watch every type of video feeds for instance popular, most recent, most viewed, all time, today, this week, this month, trending within metro interface. In order to view most-loved YouTube videos

Andatube app for Windows 8 to Play YouTube Video

Windows Store has released another YouTube based app namely Andatube. This app is one of the most awaited app for Windows 8. Although there are several YouTube based apps present for windows 8 like YouTube 8, Prime Tube or YouTube Player. But, Windows 8 fans were waiting for official YouTube app since windows store

Google launches YouTube Capture app for iPhone, iPad and iPod

youtube capture image In recent time, Google has launched ‘YouTube Capture‘ application for devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. As YouTube Capture permits you to record & share memorable moments with friends and relatives with much quicker pace. You may access plenty of social networks friends efficiently, using YouTube Capture application. Once you install ‘YouTube Capture’ on […]

Youtube tips and tricks for Quick and Exact Video Search

youtube The one thing that makes any product work in the market, is the associated simplicity of it’s usage. Having said that, when we talk of YouTube, the popularity that this site has managed over the years is because of the search engine like simplicity with which it displays videos for almost any topic under the sun. Searching videos […]

Download Prime Tube – The Best YouTube App for Windows 8

Prime Tube app for windows 8 I have already discussed two YouTube apps for Windows 8 that are YouTube 8 and YouTube player. Although Google has not launched any authorized YouTube app for windows 8 still now.  Just , another app developer has presented new app for YouTube on the Windows store. The name of app is Prime Tube. The Prime
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