Windows 10 2003 Changes, Improvements, Features [20H1]

Windows 10 2003 is the upcoming version of the OS supposed to be released in April 2020. Currently, Microsoft has provided codename 20H1 but it may get the name Spring 2020 update at launch. This will be the first Windows 10 feature update of the year that will include the changes, features, and improvements Microsoft is testing on Insiders.


Development for 20H1 release is continuously going on and Microsoft is releasing builds at regular interval. The features and improvements in each build will be available in Windows 10 2003 update. Here, you will find the full Windows 10 2003 changelog –

1] Windows Security
2] Time & Language
3] Devices
4] Ease of Access
5] Store Utilities and tools
6] Windows Search
7] System apps
8] Your Phone
9] Update & Security

Windows 10 2003

Now see the changelog in details –

Windows 10 2003 Changes, Improvements, and Features 20H1

1] Windows Security

Windows Sandbox accessibility Improvement

The Windows 10 20H1 brings several updates to make Windows Sandbox accessibility scenarios better. This includes –

Microphone support

The upcoming release 2003 will include the capability to configure the audio input device through Windows Sandbox config file.

A Shift+Alt+Print Screen shortcut combination in the Sandbox will activate the ease of access dialog to enable high contrast mode.

A Ctrl+Alt+Break key will let you enter or exit full-screen mode

Windows 10 Build 18855 [20H1] Skip Ahead Details

Windows Sandbox configuration file support

In the Win10 2003, Windows Sandbox will support configuration files. These files allow you to configure networking and shared folders and GPU.

Windows 10 Build 18841 20H1 Details

2] Time & Language

Dictation support to more languages Improvement

Windows 10 2003 will support dictation when using the languages “French (Canada)”, “English (Canada)”, “German (Germany)”, “English (UK)”, “French (France)”, “English (Australia)”, “English (India)”, “Italian (Italy)”, “Spanish (Spain)”, “Spanish (Mexico)”, “Portuguese (Brazil)”, and “Chinese (Simplified, China)” in addition to English (US).

To check it out Set focus on a text field and press WIN + H shortcut key Alternatively you can tap the little mic button at the uppermost of the touch keyboard. Speak what you want to say, then press WIN + H a secondly or tap the microphone button to stop the dictation. Alternatively, let the dictation session time out on its own.

You will need to download Speech for dictation to work. To try go to Settings => Time & => Language, click on the desired language and then click on Options. If speech resources are available but you haven’t been downloaded it previously, you will find a download button.

Dictation depends on the language of the active keyboard and to switch between preferable one, press WIN + Space.

East Asian Microsoft Input Method Editor (IME) Improvements (Build 18875)

Windows 10 20H1 provides new Japanese IME. In the upcoming release, IME will more secure, stable, with improvement in game compatibility.

Japanese IME

Updated IMEs are available for Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Windows 10 1903 version will come with new versions of the Chinese Simplified IMEs (Pinyin and Wubi), moreover, Chinese Traditional IMEs (Bopomofo, ChangJie, and Quick). The version will improve reliability and security by redesigning how they work with applications. The interface is cleaner for the settings pages and candidate window as well. Settings app also has renewed and Improved settings of the IMEs.

East Asian IME

1] Windows 10 Build 18875 20H1 Details

2] Windows 10 Build 18885 Details

Language Settings Improvements

In Windows 10 2003 20H1 you are able to view the current state of your Language in an easier way. The latest version includes an overview section that allows to quickly check the default languages for “Speech”, “Keyboard”, “Windows display”, “Regional format”, and “Apps & Websites”. If anything is not according to your preference, click one of the tiles which will carry you to where you need to be to change that selection.

In addition, the language features installation page has got tooltips with descriptions.

Chinese Pinyin IME settings have received an update to refer to Default mode, instead of Input mode.

3] Devices in Windows 10 2003

SwiftKey’s Typing Intelligence support for More Languages

Windows 10 2003 will bring SwiftKey’s typing intelligence for the following 39 languages –

Afrikaans (South Africa), Albanian (Albania), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Armenian (Armenia), Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan), Basque (Spain), Bulgarian (Bulgaria), Catalan (Spain), Croatian (Croatia), Czech (Czech Republic), Danish (Denmark), Dutch (Netherlands), Estonian (Estonia), Finnish (Finland), Galician (Spain), Georgian (Georgia), Greek (Greece), Hausa (Nigeria), Hebrew (Israel), Hindi (India), Hungarian (Hungary), Indonesian (Indonesia), Kazakh (Kazakhstan), Latvian (Latvia), Lithuanian (Lithuania), Macedonian (Macedonia), Malay (Malaysia), Norwegian (Bokmal, Norway), Persian (Iran), Polish (Poland), Romanian (Romania), Serbian (Serbia), Serbian (Serbia), Slovak (Slovakia), Slovenian (Slovenia), Swedish (Sweden), Turkish (Turkey), Ukrainian (Ukraine), Uzbek (Uzbek).

The whole means Windows 10 20H1 updates the underlying language model when typing in each of these languages. This will improve the accuracy of the autocorrections, shape writing, and predictions. You’d find this when using the onscreen keyboard, or the hardware keyboard text predictions (if enabled).

Windows 10 Build 18860 20H1 Details

Windows Ink Workspace Updates

In the latest version, Windows Ink Workspace is a little smaller and includes a link to Microsoft Whiteboard app. This provides you the information about rich ideation and collaboration capabilities. Microsoft Whiteboard is a freeform digital canvas where ideas, content, and people can come together. It comprises a boundless canvas, optional backgrounds (including graph paper and solid dark grey) to select from, rainbow ink support, multiple pages, and generally addresses much of the feedback you shared with us about Sketchpad. When you use Sketchpad, the tool saved the sketch in your Pictures folder.

You can show it by right-clicking the taskbar and choosing – Show Windows Workspace Icon.

Windows Ink Workspace has got an update moreover change for the overflow menu button to use an ellipsis icon.

4] Ease of access

Accessibility improvements

Windows 10 2003 will carry some important Accessibility improvements –

The efficiency of the Narrator is far better when reading tables. When you navigate with the same column or row the Header information no longer repeated. Exiting and Entering tables will be verbose to a lower extent.

A new command will lead to show Narrator web page summary and this is Narrator+S. You will get the information about landmarks, hyperlinks, and headings.

The version provides to keep the text cursor in the center of the screen making it easier and smoother to type while using Magnifier. The position is set by default but you are free to change in Settings.

Windows 10 Build 18894 (20H1) Changes, Fixes, and Improvements

The current Windows 10 version, Magnifier UI supports dark theme and text sizing options.


Click me link solution

Narrator is able to read out you the title of the page that’s linked to. You need to only press “Caps+Ctrl + D”. Then Narrator will automatically take the URL of the hyperlink where you are and send it to an online service that will send the page title to the tool. If you would like to turn off all online service usage by the Ease of access tool, you can use Narrator Settings.

Windows 10 Build 18912 20H1 Brings Narrator Improvements and Fixes

Data Table Reading Improvements

Windows 10 2003 changes include optimized information that you hear with the Narrator when navigating a table with the help of table navigation commands. The tool now reads the header data first, then the cell data, then the row or column position for that cell. Moreover, Narrator only reads out the headers when these are changed, so you can focus on the content of the cell.

Bopomofo IME settings have received an update for making Ctrl + Space usable for toggling conversation mode.

Narrator starts reading webpages and emails automatically

Narrator will now automatically start reading webpages in order to read them faster. This will begin reading at the predominant landmark, if there is one or will fall back to a reasonable paragraph. The narrator will also start reading emails itself in Outlook and other inbox Mail applications.

Eye Control Improvements

Windows 10 2003 20H1 will improve Eye Control. Following are the settings that will get improvements –


Eye control will get drag-and-drop feature which is most requested of customers. When you turn this setting on from Ease of access, the precise mouse control tool will allow drag operations. In addition, Ctrl and Shift modifier keys will have the capability to combine clicks and drags.


Windows 10 20H1 version 2003 will include improvements to the pause experience. When you will select the pause button it will fully hide the launchpad. The launchpad will again appear when you briefly stop looking at your screen on dismissal. This change allows uninterrupted viewing of full-screen content, such as watching a video. In similar fashion, the feature also allows eye gaze enabled applications to be used without triggering Eye Control. This is useful when playing a short time ago launched Eye First applications.

Switch support

Previously, Dwell was the way for clicking a button. Dwelling means fixing your eyes on part of the screen and keeping your eyes continuously there for a specific amount of time. The current Windows 10 version will add another activation method, switch. According to this, you are able to use dwell to choose the target, but click a button with switch. This version supports switches on joysticks or devices emulating joysticks.

Under the hood

Developers can now create their own gaze enabled applications using open source Gaze Interaction Library located in the Windows Community Toolkit. The Tech giant has revised the Eye Control. The user interface is implemented using the same code that is in the Gaze Interaction Library.

The settings app has got more Eye Control features. The options here include additional fine control of the numeric values that change the responsiveness of the system as per eye movements.

5] Store Utilities and Tools

Snip & Sketch version 10.1901.10521.0

  • In Windows 10 20H1, snips became a bit blurry after saving or copying to the clipboard is solved.
  • The experts for Windows 10 fixed copying to clipboard would fail issue when you switched out of the app while the copying was in progress.
  • They solved suggested file name turned into unexpectedly a GUID for snips when it was launched via Win+Shift+S toast.
  • They have included Narrator (screen reader) confirmations in this version when a snip is copied to clipboard.
  • Windows 10 20H1 changes the default save format to be png. However, you are able to use the drop-down when storing to pick your desired format if it’s not png.
  • The version resolved auto-copy changes to clipboard weren’t working on return from Snip & Sketch settings problem.
  • The team solved an app might crash when you closed 2 app windows in sequence.
  • They fixed the default save file location that was documents instead of pictures. The Save dialog wouldn’t memorize where you previously store a snip is also fixed in the continuation.

Windows 10 Build 18850 20H1 Details

Windows Subsystem for Linux 2

Windows 10 2003 20H1 introduces WSL 2, a new version of the architecture that empowers the Windows Subsystem for Linux to execute ELF64 Linux binaries on Windows. This feature uses a real Linux kernel, modifies how the Linux binaries interact with your PC’s hardware and Windows, nonetheless provides WSL 1 experience. WSL 2 performs a quicker file system performance together with full system call compatibility, which allows you to run multiple applications similar to Docker!

Mail and Calendar

In Windows 10 2003, Calendar will come with Calendar Quick Compose. This feature lets you add appointments straight from the flyout appearing after clicking on the Time box from Taskbar. You don’t need to open the Calendar app instead you can use Quick Compose to set a new appointment.

6] Windows Search

New Search Feature

Windows 10 2003 version will come with a new File Explorer search experience powered by Windows Search. This feature will help you to integrate the OneDrive content online along with the results the edition indexed.

File Explorer search box will populate dropdown result with suggestions once you type a query and allow you to pick from here.

You are able to launch the result directly by clicking the entry in the new suggestions box. When you need to open the file location, only right-click the entry to see an option to do so. If you want to use commands or discover more into non-indexed locations, you are able to press enter. Windows 10 2003 will show the view with the traditional search results after this.

20H1 brings a new design so that when you click File Explorer search you can get the dropdown list with search history. This also occurs after you press CTRL+E to set focus to it.

You may experience the File Explorer search box wider so the suggestions drop-down has a bit more room to display results. To check out only move your mouse to the beginning border of the search box, and it should change in a resizing double-arrow cursor. You require to only click and drag the search box to make it a bit wider.

Windows 10 1903 New Search Feature

Dark mode in File Explorer is now available for Search experience. Note – this experience is still in the process of rolling out.

7] System apps

Task manager improvement

Task Manager Performance tab will display Disk type, for example, SSD. This particularly helps to differentiate when you have multiple disks in the list.

Disk type task manager

8] Your Phone

Windows 10 2003 20H1 comes up with multiple new features to the Your Phone app.

Phone screen – Accessibility features, keyboard language, and layout, new phone models

The version offers focus tracking and screen reading features. Moreover, you are able to switch Android phone’s keyboard language or layout in an easier way while on the phone screen.

Keyboard language and layout icon your phone app

Screen reading

You have the ability to turn on Your Phone Companion accessibility service, available within the accessibility settings for TalkBack users. This will perform for smoother cross-device reading. After you enabled both of the TalkBack and Your Phone Companion accessibility services, Narrator will work from your computer. In addition, this will explain your selection and activation on your phone screen as you interact with your system’s mouse or keyboard.

Screen reading 20H1

Focus tracking

You can interact using the apps on an Android phone at your desired magnification while on the phone screen. The feature Focus tracking will uninterruptedly follow your mouse pointer input and keyboard focus.

In order to turn focus tracking accessibility on, you must take 2 steps on your Android phone –

1) Enable “Companion accessibility service”,

2) Enable “TalkBack accessibility service”.

Now you can turn on Magnifier on your computer via the keyboard shortcut Win and (+) plus sign or open the app from the start menu.

Focus tracking Windows 10 1903

Keyboard language and layout

On Windows 10 2003, You will observe a new icon on your phone screen toolbar. The icon will carry you to the phone settings page allowing to change keyboard layout or language. This setting is, particularly for physical keyboards. That’s why it only applies when you’re typing into your phone from your computer. The setting no longer brings an effect on either keyboard configuration or your phone’s language.

Phone screen now supports more Samsung phone models

The supported phone model list keeps expanding, we have now enabled support for the Samsung Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8+. We will continue to expand the list of devices over time.

Requirements to use Phone screen feature

Phones equipped with Android 7.0 or greater, for instance,

1) Samsung Galaxy S8+, S9+, S9, S10+,  S10, S8, S10e

2) Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Note 9,

3) Samsung Galaxy A8+, A8,

4) OnePlus 6T,

5) Windows 10 machine with Bluetooth radio that is compatible with the low-energy peripheral role.

6) Running at least Minimum Build 18338

7) The phone must be on, under Bluetooth range of the PC, and connected to the identical network as the PC

New messaging features

Windows 10 2003 version 20H1 will allow sending and receiving GIFs, images including Giphy using Your Phone app.

Unread message indicator (badge)

Nav pane is a visual indicator on the Messages node, pointing that you have unread messages.

PC Taskbar is again a visual indicator on the Your Phone app icon on the taskbar, specifying you have unread messages

Unread conversations refer to Visual indicator located under threads that include unread messages

Your Phone app will synchronize contact thumbnails for the contacts that have profile images. Therefore you will be able to easily recognize who you’re messaging with.

You can instantly reply to text messages without leaving your desktop from toast notifications.

Smileys, people, food, etc are emoji pickers. You have the ability to add emojis to your text messages without any hassles right from within the app.

Your Phone can now sync over mobile data

Windows 10 2003 20H1 provides to sync notifications, photos, and messages over mobile data without connecting Android phone to the WiFi network.

  • You need to switch on Sync over mobile data setting to enjoy this feature within the Phone Companion app.
  • You will observe the Connected to your PC toast on the phone after this change.

Sync over mobile data 20H1

Colorful new icons

In Windows 10 2003 20H1, Your Phone and Your Phone Companion will have a new icon.

Windows 10 Build 18912

9] Update & Security

The latest version will add more versatile delivery optimization options in the Windows Update category. This option allows setting a download speed limit in absolute Mbps (Megabyte per second) values rather than the percentage of bandwidth for Windows update.

New download throttling options for Delivery Optimization

We’ve heard from our users with very low connection speeds that setting download throttling as a percentage of available bandwidth isn’t providing enough relief in reducing the impact on their network. Windows 10 2003 20H1 provides an extra option to throttle the bandwidth used by Delivery Optimization as an absolute value. This setting allows the values individually for background downloads and Foreground downloads (that you initiate from Windows Store). The option is already available for IT Pros who run Group Policies or MDM policies to change Delivery Optimization.

You can try the change via Settings => Update & Security => Delivery Optimization => Advanced Options

Feedback Hub updates

The 20H1 Insider version Based on your feedback is having a feature “Find Similar Feedback”. Furthermore, you are able to select to automatically link your feedback to that existing one.

Windows 10 insider Thank You page includes a direct button to share your feedback.

Refining your notification settings

Windows 10 1903 20H1 allow using middle click to dismiss notifications if you need to instantly make a notification toast go away.

When you receive a notification toast, there will now be an inline option to turn off notifications for that app, or head to the app’s notification settings.

Now you will notice pictures in app notifications setting to describe the function of the options.

You are able to choose to have all your notifications muted.

Moreover, you will find a new direct link at the top of the Action Center to manage notifications. In this way,  you will have one less step to access Notification & Actions Settings. No notifications text will go down to the middle part of the Action Center. This also indicates your eyes don’t need to traverse as far to view it when you launch the Action Center from the lowermost of the screen.

You are able to sort the sender’s list by which apps most recently sent notifications.

Quick Event Create from the Taskbar

Windows 10 20H1 allows creating quick event from the Taskbar. You are able to launch the clock and calendar flyout from here to help manage your thoughts. When you click on the date in the taskbar you will experience the options. You’ll view inline options to set a time and location after choosing your preferred date and start typing.

Event Create from the Taskbar

Go passwordless with Microsoft accounts on your device

Windows 10 20H1 2003 will allow to you enable passwordless sign-in for Microsoft account. You need to go to Settings => Accounts => Sign-in options, and toggle “On” below “Make your device passwordless”. This will switch all Microsoft accounts to advanced authentication with PIN, Fingerprint or Windows Hello Face.

passwordless with Microsoft account

From here you can see the Windows 10 2003 Changes, Improvements, Features [20H1] according to build released –

Update for Korean IME

Windows 10 2003 20H1 will get an updated version of the Korean IME. This will improve and modernize your typing experience in the language in Windows. Moreover, this update will make the IME more secure, reliable, and more beautiful to look at.

Update for Korean IME

This change is important for users who are familiar with typing in Korean and write in Hanja. The version will have a new candidate selection window that uses advanced controls as well as more clear typography.

Windows 10 2003 will have improved algorithm used for text prediction when typing Korean with touch keyboard. You will find text suggestions more accurate and relevant to what you are writing.

However, there are some known issues encountered after this Update for Korean IME –

  • When you type very fast in Notepad IME may stop working. If you experience this issue, restarting Notepad should fix it.
  • While pressing a keyboard shortcut, for example, CTRL+A typing a Hangul letter has inconsistent behavior across apps in the midway.

c1900101 Update Issue during Windows 10 Build 18936

After receiving Build 18936 and 18941 some users might have encountered install failures with error code c1900101. The issue occurs because of a compatibility bug with a storage driver. In this situation, the PC attempts, fails to install, and finally, rolls back to the currently installed build. After retrying to install the build, either manual or automatic, doesn’t bypass this issue. Microsoft is trying to fix this bug and will come with an update in the near future.

In some cases, users get stuck in a boot loop (repeatedly rebooting over and over without getting at the desktop). Follow the steps to get your PC back into a working state if you are also a sufferer of the issue –

1) First of all, create a bootable USB recovery drive by following the guidelines (Important – Do not check the option “Back up my System files to the recovery drive”) –

Windows 10 2003 create usb Recovery drive

2) Boot your PC from the USB recovery drive which was created in the first step.

3) Open Command Prompt as administrator.

4) In Command Prompt black window, type: bcdedit /enum {default}

5) The following text will appear –

Showing the Windows setup section of the enum output. The recovery sequence listing is highlighted.

6) If the statement is like this – Windows Rollback and the device element starts from ramdisk, directly continue to Step 7. But when you don’t see any of the elements from Step 5 – DO NOT PROCEED.

7) Safely note the recoverysequence GUID value in the {default} entry.

8) Now in Command Prompt, copy-paste and enter – bcdedit /default {GUID from Step 7 exactly as it appeared}

9) Reboot your PC by typing wpeutil reboot in the command prompt.

10) You will come across two boot entries 1. “Windows 10” and 2. “Windows Rollback”. Choose the Windows 10 option and let it back into the previously installed build. When the rollback code appears clean up the rollback entry to prevent the subsequent boots.

See details in – Windows 10 Build 18941 [20H1] Features, improvements, Fixes.

An advanced Cortana experience

Windows 10 2003 20H1 brings an advanced Cortana experience for Windows 10 as a Beta. The voice assistant is equipped with chat-based UI that makes you able to type or speak natural language queries.

The app will show something more in grocery list and replay the next question with what’s playing at the movies.

But in Windows 10 2003 20H1 it will include the previous features, for instance, setting reminders and alarms, Bing answers, opening applications, Assistant conversations, managing lists, and timers. And we’ve added some new features we think people will enjoy:

Cortana supports both light and dark themes

We have created a new, less intrusive screen for “Hey Cortana” queries so you can stay in the flow while you work.

Cortana has a modern speech and language models, and remarkably improved performance. The features make the app faster and more reliable than ever before. Microsoft plans to include even more features over time with updates to the personal digital assistant from the Microsoft Store.

To check out click the Cortana icon located on the taskbar next to the search box. Leverage convenience of voice and speed and with enhanced speech recognition by simply saying Hey Cortana. You may here need to sign-in with your account to get started.

Cortana supports both light and dark themes

You may also need to enable the functionality in Settings => Cortana => Voice activation privacy settings => Talk to Cortana.

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