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Panoramic Cityscapes PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Panoramic Cityscapes PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download] Enjoy the magnificent sweep of city lights by day and night with newly released Windows 10 theme Panoramic Cityscapes PREMIUM. This personalization app includes 10 super quality images that give an unbroken wide view of Sydney, Prague, Singapore, and Dubai. Pictures comprised in this 4K theme pack produce a powerful feeling inside moreover make you […]

How to Adjust Clipboard Settings in Windows 10

How to Adjust Clipboard Settings in Windows 10 Copy-pasting in Windows is there since long but no such interface was available to view the previously copied content. Thankfully, Microsoft introduced a dedicated page for a clipboard that you let you Adjust Clipboard Settings in Windows 10. It provides you an amazing feature of clipboard history that stores all the copied items (images and […]

Animal Mothers 2 PREMIUM Windows 10 theme [Download]

Animal Mothers 2 PREMIUM Windows 10 theme Animal Mothers 2 Premium for Windows 10 is one of the must-have themes for all the animal lovers out there. The collection of lovely photographs, that you can use as Windows wallpapers, beautifully captures a number of animals with their cuddly, playful young ones. The pics, ranging from that of elephants to chimps to leopards, […]

Windows 10 build 19035 [20H1] is Available to Download

Windows 10 build 19035 [20H1] Microsoft has just started the release of a Windows 10 build 19035 20H1, for Insider users opted fast and slow channel. The update includes no new feature but has some fixes, improvements and known issues you can read ahead. If you’re interested to install the Verbatim build go to Settings > Update & Security > […]

How to Enable Windows Hello PIN in Safe mode Windows 10

How to Enable Windows Hello PIN in Safe mode Windows 10 The fast ring of Windows 10 Build 18995 [20H1] introduced an exciting attribute password-less sign-in experience Windows Hello. This feature lets you undo the lock of your PC using fingerprint, face, personal identification number and more while you are in Safe mode. It made the log-in experience more secure and you don’t need to rely […]

PowerToys v0.14.0 Rolled out [Windows 10]

PowerToys v0.14.0 Rolled out [Windows 10] The PowerToys is a collection of utilities to strengthen power users to take more out of Windows shell. Advent of the tool is based on the Win 95 era Project, which is now available as open source on GitHub. You can install a normal package or over Chocolatey which supports x64, x86 and also ARM. […]

Fix: DirectDraw Error in Windows 10

DirectDraw Error Windows 10 DirectDraw Error in Windows 10 has become an irretrievable issue for the die hard gamers and artists who use 3D programs. While attempting to open a graphics-intensive software or game, the system may show associated error codes that mainly point out an issue with 3D Acceleration option. Moreover, in some cases, the stop code conveys […]

Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.3 is Available to Download [Windows 10]

Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.3 Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.3 gets a place in Store. The info of development of this Library is available on Github. Currently, the release is shown Microsoft.UI.Xaml v2.3.191127001 hare which takes place of version 2.3.191125001. The store presents the description as – “This package provides backward-compatible versions of Windows UI features including UWP XAML controls, and Fluent styles and […]

Fix: UDFS FILE SYSTEM BSOD Error in Windows 10

UDFS FILE SYSTEM Blue screen of death is a pretty obstinate issue and UDFS FILE SYSTEM Error in Windows 10 is not an exception. Bearing bug check code 0x0000009B, it indicates something went wrong with UDF file that is making your PC hard to use. Commonly the root cause to generate this BSOD or stop error is disk […]