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Fix: wuapihost.exe in Windows 10

wuapihost.exe in Windows 10 image 1 Do you need to fix wuapihost.exe in Windows 10? If you are getting any error with this executable file then, first of all, be assured that is a genuine file developed by Microsoft rather than a malware or virus. In this article, we will explore wuapihost.exe and way to solve the issues if any occurs because of this […]

5 Ways to Turn off Windows 10 Updates

Turn off Windows 10 Updates image 1 Even though it seems best to keep the system up-to-date, there can be multiple instances where you want to turn off Windows 10 Updates. And seriously, after the pile of bugs and problems that came along with patches and builds, anybody would want to do the same for a while. But with Windows 10, disabling […]

How Does netsh int ip reset Work in Windows 10

What does netsh int ip reset do in Windows 10 You may conflict internet connection related problem especially when the protocol is corrupted. Command netsh int ip reset works in Windows 10 as a magic setting the PC’s protocol back to the default in such situation. The tool also solves major of the browsing and network connection issues like in case Wi-Fi adapter sees a network […]

Up in the Sky Theme For Windows 10 [Download]

Up in the Sky Theme Image 4 Microsoft Store now includes Up in the Sky Theme For Windows 10. This Personalization app basically revolves around aircraft taking off. The photographs are all appreciable in the context of beauty and color contrasts. Theme contains a collection of 16 images of aircraft seen from above, below, or across a graceful wing which gives you […]

Fix: wmprph.exe in Windows 10

Fix wmprph.exe in Windows 10 image 1 wmprph.exe in Windows 10 might seems malicious at the first glance because of the .exe extension but in reality, it’s not. Even so, there is a risk as executable files are very virus prone. Instead of being not a malware itself, often the .exe as a bug because hackers or developers inject virus using this. […]

KB4471331 Security update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10

KB4471331 KB4471331 hits to all the Windows 10 versions and predecessors including Windows Servers. From many days, certain vulnerabilities were affecting the performance of Adobe Flash Player in some devices. In order to counter them Microsoft yesterday launched a security update for Adobe Flash Player. You will receive the patch automatically through Windows update moreover you […]

How Does netsh winsock reset Work in Windows 10

netsh winsock reset Pic 1 Netsh winsock reset in Windows 10 is super handy for resetting “Winsock” catalog. This is an important command line tool that you often need to run during multiple Network issues. winsock means Windows Socket and Reset indicates to restore the original configuration. So the command brings back the WSA (Windows Sockets API) default settings. Furthermore, this is more […]

Cmimageworker.exe Bug Causing High CPU Usage on Windows 10 18290

Cmimageworker.exe Bug After receiving Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18290, some users have got Cmimageworker.exe causing high CPU usage. People running this build largely believe and treat the process as a malware- specifically as a Trojan. However, Microsoft denies the conception of threat and they clarify that  Cmimageworker is nothing but a bug. In a recently submitted feedback, a user stated […]

Field of Poppies Theme for Windows 10 [Download]

Field of Poppies Theme Pic 3 For all such nature lovers, Microsoft has introduced an elegant theme for your desktop known as the Field of Poppies. This personalization app consists of 16 amazing wallpapers of lush green fields of beautiful red poppies which eventually add a bright and colorful contrast to your desktop screen. The beauty of nature always have a […]