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TTM_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT Windows 10 image 1 TTM_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT Blue Screen Windows 10 having bug check value 0x000001A0 is an annoying issue. This BSOD issue points out the detection of terminal topology manager because of a few configured timeouts for machines performing specific operations which are not complete. Stop error causes lots of issues in the User PC and has long term effects […]

KB4490481 for Windows 10 1809 17763.404 – 2 April. 2019

KB4490481 KB4490481 is a new cumulative update rolled out on April 2, 2019, by Microsoft. This patch provides a bunch of various fixes and improvements to the build 17763.404 Windows 10 for version 1809. The main issues on which they focus on are – audio devices, Game Mode, time zone,  Japanese Era and lots more. Furthermore, the update […]

Windows 10 Build 18362.30 (KB4497464) in Both Slow and Fast Rings

Windows 10 Build 18362.30 (KB4497464) in Both Slow and Fast Rings Now Microsoft has rolled out Windows 10 Build 18362.30 to Fast and slow rings to fix install issues. You might have encountered problems when receiving 18362. KB4497464 will lift  Build 18356.21 to 18362.30. After getting multiple adverse feedbacks about errors during installation they offered a fresh update. On Build 18362 (19H1) in fast ring, several […]

How to Change Removal Policy for External Drives in Windows 10

How to Change Removal Policy for External Drives in Windows 10 image 3 Windows follows two prime strategies namely Quick Removal Policy and Better Performance for external drives. With these two, it actually controls the interaction of system with media devices attached to ports such as Thunderbolt enabled drives and USB. Previous Windows editions used to follow Better performance whereas, Starting with Windows 10 version 1809, built in […]

KB4489192 for .NET Framework 4.7.2, 3.5 Windows 10 V1809

KB4489192 KB4489192 cumulative update for .NET Framework 4.7.2 and 3.5 comes up for Windows 10 1809. This patch covers only quality features like Framework and Japanese era. The update, released on 2 April 2019, does not bring any additional operating system feature. In addition, the patch is not having any known issues. You Are able to download […]


DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION_LIVEDUMP image 1 DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION_LIVEDUMP is a BSOD error occurs with bugcheck value 0x000001C4 in Windows 10. This Blue Screen, in fact, indicates detection of any device driver to create corruption in the in system. The prime reason would be the culprit driver specified in the Windows Registry in the same period, substantial inspection enabled by Kernel. Well, the […]

How to Make a Picture Black and White in Photos App Windows 10

How to Make a Picture Black and White in Photos App Windows 10 image 1 You are able to make a Picture Black and White in Photos App Windows 10. Using this application, you get a simple and having high contrast image leaving a powerful impression on the viewer. This is a professional built-in photo editor that provides you lots of beneficial features for advanced users. This application is bundled […]

How to Fix BC_BTHMINI_VERIFIER_FAULT Blue Screen Error in Windows 10

BC_BTHMINI_VERIFIER_FAULT image 2 BC_BTHMINI_VERIFIER_FAULT is a Blue Screen Of Death error having a bug check value of 0x00000BFF. Usually, this BSOD issue occurs because of  Software problems, outdated drivers, and conflict between two similar types of programs. Moreover, missing system components, DLL files, malware infection also found to be accused of doing so. It’s not the end only […]