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Sticky Notes v3.7 has been Released to Windows 10 20H1

Sticky Notes v3.7 Microsoft has released Sticky Notes v3.7 and the version is available for 20H1 Fast ring now. The app has the previous feature Ink Analysis, improvements in Insights, and many bug fixes. You will get Sticky Notes v3.7 automatically through Windows update. Make sure that you haven’t disabled or paused the Setting. See – Sticky Notes […]

Letter Press Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Letter Press Windows 10 Theme [Download] - Image 1 A new exciting Letter Press Windows 10 Theme is waiting in the Store to make your desktop attractive. The theme is a combination of all the antique letters which was prevalent during the 15th to the 19th century. With this wonderful Windows application, you can make your desk a period piece with 15 ancient fonts. […]


HAL_IOMMU_INTERNAL_ERROR You will find solutions to HAL_IOMMU_INTERNAL_ERROR Blue Screen of Death error in Windows 10 here. This BSOD issue having bugcheck value 0x000001D9 leads the desktop to freeze and hang. Frequent Reboot of PC also occurs when this stop error appears. HAL IOMMU INTERNAL ERROR in Windows 10 mostly happens because of corrupt, old and incompatible […]

Windows 10 2003 Changes, Improvements, Features [20H1]

Windows 10 2003 Windows 10 2003 is the upcoming version of the OS supposed to be released in April 2020. Currently, Microsoft has provided codename 20H1 but it may get the name Spring 2020 update at launch. This will be the first Windows 10 feature update of the year that will include the changes, features, and improvements Microsoft […]

Fix: Code 10 – This device cannot Start in Windows 10

Code 10 - This device cannot Start in Windows 10 Pic 2 Did you also experience Code 10 – This device cannot Start error in Windows 10? This device manager error may occur with Audio, USB, Touchpad, Bluetooth, mouse and other because of faulty drivers. According to Microsoft, when the hardware key misses the value of “FailReasonString”, this issue happens and show you the relevant message on […]

How to Remove or Add Shortcuts to Win+X Power User Menu in Windows 10

How to Remove or Add Shortcuts to Win+X Power User Menu in Windows 10 Win+X is such a shortcut key once pressed together invokes commonly used system tools and basic features like PowerShell, Task Manager, Event Viewer and so on. Since Microsoft didn’t name it specifically, users call the menu as Power Menu, Quick Link, or even sometimes Administrator Menu. However, for a long time, people from all corners […]

Pride 2019 Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Pride 2019 Windows 10 Theme [Download] - Image 1 Microsoft inaugurates a new impressive Pride 2019 Windows 10 Theme inspired by the many flags of the LGBTQI+ community. With this exclusive Windows application, you can experience a Pride time on your Desktop. This theme is available in the Microsoft Store to offer your desktop a splendid look for free. Being a lightweight, this Pride […]