5 Best Tools to improve Your Windows 8 / 10 Experience

Hype of any application declines after using such application many a time. No one can raise fingers on above the principle. It seems that long time hype around Windows 8 has begun to subside. People accustomed to Windows 7 are enabled to cop with ultra-modern Windows 8 applications. People facing problems need assistance to make adjustments with modern user interface of Windows 8. To provide better assistant to improve Windows 8 experience, I pick five important tools. You may find out these important tools once you follow remaining article.

After closely observing Windows 8 applications, I find the inclusion like Start Screen Tile, Hidden Menu, Lock Screen Background Pictures, Manager Wireless Networks etc are tougher to deal with. Taking heed to the above issue, I endorse following tools for nice Windows 8 experience.

1. Bring Back Start Menu

The first and foremost inclusion you see in Windows 8 is Start Screen Tile. It is a nice arrangement to keep important applications upfront in tile shape in Windows 8. Usually, common users haven’t enough idea to move through Start Screen Gateway. They do want to bring earlier start screens, which they accustomed to. However numerous applications have been developed for bringing back Start Screen. I find ‘Pokki’ third part installer app is better than others to bring back Start Screen in Windows 8.

To install Pokki app, you need to access pokki.com  and tap Free download button to install in your system. Once you install ‘pokki’ app successfully, just click Windows Key of your Windows 8 optimized PC and feel the olden Classic Windows Start Screen experience.

2. Hidden Menu (Add more to it)

In Windows 8, whenever you press Win + X key altogether ‘Hidden Menu’ appears. Arrangement of Hidden Menu is made to quickly access features like Disk Management, Command Prompt, and others. Users may add more items as per their need in Hidden Menu for quick access. But, there is no straight forward way to add programs in Hidden Menu of Windows 8. Win+X Menu Editor shows a way to add or even remove items in Hidden Menu.

3. Customize Lock Screen Background Pictures 

Like above major inclusion, Windows 8 has Lock Screen Background application. It is common habit of users to try different images time & again to upbeat computing sense.  To customize Lock Screen Background Pictures in Windows 8, you may take help of  Decor8 tool. It lets you rotate background and control number of tiles in Start Screen.

4. Manage Wireless Network 

Windows 8 sets dominance of wireless networks automatically, while you use two active networks. In Windows 7 you set network priority manually using ‘Manager Wireless Networks’ option. Features of setting priority manually is missing in Windows 8. It can be fixed if using ‘WiFi Profile Manager’ Tool for Windows 8.

5. Make Windows Borders Smaller 

Appearance of Windows borders is more visible and bit thicker in Windows 8. Usually, thick border seems not nice at any point in time. Therefore users try to change appearance of Windows border.  People looking to re-size Windows Border in Windows 8 may install Tiny Windows Borders application.

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