Fix: wlanext.exe in Windows 10

wlanext.exe in Windows 10 Image 1 wlanext.exe is a type of Exe file that sometimes causes errors in Windows 10. However, the executable is a genuine file from Microsoft corporation but because of its nature, it gives a way to malware attack. In addition, wlanext.exe may lead to high CPU usage or other issues. Here, in this article, we will discuss some […]

Seeing Red Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Seeing Red Windows 10 Theme Image 2 Seeing Red Windows 10 theme is a collection of 15 adorable images having this color in Microsoft Store. The desktop wallpapers welcome the valentines week with lovely pics on your screen. This beautiful Valentine themes for windows 10 includes cars, candles, cranberries, and many daily-life items; all colored in shades of red. The app weighs […]

KB4480062 Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework

KB4480062 KB4480062 security update has been rolled out on 8th Jan 2019 for Windows Server 2008. As you know that the .NET Framework is a very important part of Windows OS. Therefore, any vulnerability in it may be a big concern for Microsoft. This time Microsoft has rolled out KB4480062 update because there are chances that the […]

Fix: “Error 0x8024001e” Windows 10

Error 0x8024001e Pic 1 Did you also encounter the nagging Error 0x8024001e in Windows 10? The code is meant for WU_E_SERVICE_STOP. The issue mostly occurs during the installation of Windows Update moreover, downloading apps from Microsoft Store. The main cause of this error is the damaged files in Windows Update store or undefined path of Temporary folder of Internet […]

KB4480962 For Windows 10 All Versions

KB4480962 Microsoft released a cumulative update KB4480962 for all versions of Windows 10. After the patchday rollout, multiple users have been getting Hotspot Authentication Issue.  However, they don’t mention anything more about this in the release note. This also includes security updates for different Microsoft products as usual. You will receive the update automatically moreover you are able to download KB4480962 […]

Windows 10 Insider Build 18312 (19H1) Features and Fixes Details

Windows 10 Insider Build 18312 Pic 1 Windows 10 Insider Build 18312 (19H1) rolls in very recently with various interesting features and fixes. This update mainly focuses on reserved storage, increases the FLS slot limit, enhances the user interface of Reset this PC, and more. In addition to these new features, it also addresses various issues like Microsoft Edge, acrylic effect, hyperlink […]

Fix: Winres.exe in Windows 10

Winres.exe in Windows 10 image 1 winres.exe is an executable file that sometimes causes errors in Windows 10. These types of issues mostly occur at the Startup and setting up or starting of a specific function in a program. There are also chances that the Winres.exe file that you download comes wrapped with the virus especially after getting it from unreliable […]

KB4481483 Security Only updates for .NET Framework Jan 8, 2019

KB4481483 The Redmond rolled out January updates including KB4481483. This security patch is applicable to Microsoft .NET Framework “4.7.2”, “4.7.1”, “4.7”, “4.6.2”, “4.6.1”, “4.6”, “4.5.2” and “3.5” available on every version of Windows Server 2012 as well. You will automatically receive the Security only patch unless you haven’t disabled or paused the automatic Windows update. Moreover, […]

Fix: bindflt.sys failed GSOD Error in Windows 10 1809

bindflt.sys failed GSOD Error in Windows 10 1809 Bindflt.sys failed GSOD is a new error in Windows 10 1809, that has reported by many users in recent days. People are finding this bug after installing Windows 10 insider build 18309 on their system. During this issue, startup gets stuck displaying the Green screen of Death (GSOD) along with System_service_exception message. Nowadays, GSOD overtakes […]

How to Block Exe in Firewall Windows 10

How to Block Exe in Firewall Windows 10 image 3 In this article, you can learn and understand how to block EXE in Firewall in Windows 10. The protection tool in Windows 10 performs a credible job of securing the system from external attacks or threats. It moreover allows users to control and block EXE from accessing network. It can be quite effective if you want […]