Get Facebook Notification in Google Chrome Address Bar

Many people having Facebook accounts are seen in sharing activities relentlessly. Whenever time does not allow to stick with Facebook, people feel lots of distraction. People keenly attached to Facebook are looking for a new system, which allows them to see all Facebook notifications, even whenever they are not logged in Facebook. To cater the demand of worldwide internet users, Google introduces ‘Facebook Notify+’ app, which could be installed on Chrome browser.  Earlier, I have introduced ‘Photo Zoom for Facebook‘ Chrome app and another ‘Facebook Notify+’ app is about to introduce in this article.

Facebook Notify+‘ is browser tool, available in Chrome web store. When you install ‘Facebook Notify+‘ on Chrome web browser, an icon appears in address bar. To make functional ‘Facebook Notify+’ app, you have to click on icon. When you click Facebook Notify icon, authorization page of Facebook appears. Here you have to grant for accessing your Facebook account. After allowing permission, ‘Facebook Notify+‘ application displays every new notification which appears on your Facebook account. Now, I am going to demonstrate each required step to install ‘Facebook Notify+’ app on Chrome.

  • Go to Chrome web store and search for ‘Facebook Notify+’ app. To get direct access of the particular Chrome extension Facebook Notify+
chrome facebook notify image
  • After that click on ‘Add to Chrome‘ button and allow permission to install ‘Facebook Notify+’ app on Chrome.
facebook notify+ installation image
  • As soon as permission is granted Facebook authorization page appears. You have to register your Facebook account for getting latest notifications.

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