Skype for Windows 8 update to trade files and photos

Skype app of Windows 8 includes fabulous feature that allows users to share/transfer Photos and Files to other Skype owners quite effectively. Inclusion would be vital for Windows 8 users who habitually follow Skype to integrate with others. Now such users can share Files, Photos or Documents besides of calling or messaging to other.
Besides adding File or Photo Sharing feature, Skype has put effort to fix unexpected Bug problems. As per the claim, bug would not be a longer issue in latest Skype version. Certainly above Skype revelations are laudable. Moving ahead to offer more, Skype is about to present Video Messaging service to us. It is expected that in late April, Video Messaging service will hit Windows version.
Users across the world regularly follow Skype to connect with others. However, users have been called for file or photo sharing function on Skype. Their demand gets fulfilled. It would be nice to have valuable options like sharing files or photos into the Skype deposit.


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