How To Fix Sync overlay Icons Not Displaying In Explorer Windows 10

Ways to Fix Sync Overlay Icons Not Displaying In Explorer Windows 10. The files synchronized with OneDrive shows a green color tick mark. This mark ensures whether a file or folder is synchronized or not. Recently a mass number of users experience on Windows 10 the folders and files existing in Explorer are not showing the icon (check mark).

The major problem that occurs with the synchronization in Windows 10 is that when two or more file sync applications exist the overlay icons don’t appear. These icons are essential to ensure whether a particular file is in sync/available/unavailable in the PC.

Why this trouble occurs is mainly subject to the built-in functionality of Windows which allows a maximum of 15 overlay icons11 of which are allotted specifically to the third party applications. File synchronization applications like Dropbox and One drive incorporate multiple keys hence easily crossing the 11 mark. Hence, in this post, we bring you the solution to Fix Sync Icons Not Showing Up In Explorer In Windows 10.

Sync overlay Icons Not Displaying In Explorer In Windows 10

Before proceeding onto solutions, we must ensure that the given trouble actually exists in the system due to the software issue. A very effective method for the same is written below.

How to Check for the Issue

Step 1 – To begin with, hit Win+R.

Step 2 – This brings a dialog box on the screen, write in regedit and hit Enter.

Run command regedit Windows 10

Step 3 – A UAC prompt will be visible on the screen. Click the Yes button to move further.

Step 4 – After the Registry Editor opens up, navigate through the following path as specified


Step 5 – Count the number of entries there.

Step 6 – In addition, also navigate through this path and count the number of entries accordingly for the same.


A total count greater than 15 ensures the existence of the given issue.

Sync overlay Icons Not Displaying In Explorer In Windows 10

Solution 1 – Uninstall The Specific Application Programs

This is a comparatively an easier approach – try uninstalling any multiple file synchronization programs. If this is not the solution you desire to choose because of your priority towards keeping those application programs handy, you can definitely opt for the next approach being defined below.

Solution 2 – Modify the Registry Entries

Before you start modifying the registry entries, it is highly recommended that you keep a backup of the existing entries in a separate file.

How to Backup

Step 1 – Right click on ShellIconOverlayIdentifier. A context menu opens up due to this action.

Step 2 – Click on Export.

Right click ShellIconOverlayIdentifier Export option

Step 3 – Next, pick up the destination folder where you wish to export the contents. After picking up the folder, click Save button.

Choose folder backup registry keys

After Backup is Done

Step 4 – Once the backup is over, pick up the registry keys to desire to remove.

Step 5 – Hit Delete from the keyboard to delete the corresponding unwanted registry entry.

Step 6 – A confirmation box will come up on the PC, click Yes to proceed with the deletion.

Confirm Key Delete Yes button delete registry key

Step 7 – As a last effort, close the Registry Editor and Restart your PC to fix Sync overlay Icons Not Displaying In Explorer Windows 10.

A successful attempt confirms the presence of overlay icons on the corresponding synchronization operations initiated accordingly.

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