Twitter Button Replaces TweetMeme Button

Sustaining no. 1 position in competitive world of Social Networking site is always been tough task for either websites. Twitter, the leading social media contenders, consolidates its position since the existence. Wary about advancement of new technology as well as insertion into a website helps Twitter to stay ahead to others. I have mentioned other Twitter innovation named How Activate New Twitter Profile to get Correct Header Photo in earlier article and another exclusive insertion of Twitter button or removal Tweet Meme button is about to address here.


On the verge of advancement, Tweet Meme link at Twitter web pages will be replaced by official Twitter buttons. Afterwards 30th you could not find Tweet Meme links on to your Twitter account. As you know Tweet Meme was plug-ins to host re-tweet button across all Twitter web pages. Even user are been satisfied with function of Tweet Meme button for several years though Twitter has taken decision to replace Tweet Meme buttons with own Twitter button. If you manually installed Iframe Tweet Meme button inside your Twitter account, it won’t be working, and you will need to install new Twitter button. Therefore, be ready to use and be familiar with Twitter button rather than older Tweet Meme buttons.

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