How to Pick App Updates to Download in Store in Windows 10

Have you ever tried to pick the updates to download and install update for particular app? You use to install apps on your Windows 10 computer after downloading from the Windows Store. In this post, we are writing tips with steps to manually Pick App Updates to Download in Store in Windows 10.


When you get an app from the Windows 10 store you strike up receiving unleashed updates for the specific app automatically. Apart from this, the apps comes by default on your Windows 10 also gets pushed updates very often. All these occurrences levigate the data and you know how much the data is precious for you. Hence, in this article we elaborate you tips to to Pick App Updates to Download in Store in Windows 10 which will help you to get the update of the app on your choice and help you to avoid so much data expense.

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How to Pick App Updates to Download in Store in Windows 10

  • Launch Store on your screen from the Start Menu.
  • Click Menu icon (three horizontal lines) seen on the top left side of the Store.

Menu Icon in the windows Store

  • Choose Settings option from the arrived options.

Settings button of the windows Store to Pick App Updates to Download in Store in Windows 10

  • The right edge of the Store displays you the Settings options. Click App updates option.

App updates options of Settings charm of windows Store

  • Click Check for updates button in the following screen.

Check for updates button in windows Store

  • If there any updates, select the apps you prefer to update and uncheck the apps whose update you don’t wish to download.
  • Selecting and deselecting the apps is very simple. Right click on the apps to check or uncheck. When the apps are selected or checked, you can see it highlighted with a tick mark.

Check or uncheck the preferred updates

  • After selecting the apps click Install button.

Install button after selecting the updates

  • The selected apps will start downloading the updates.

Updates are being downloaded

  • Apps will then install the updates.

When you open the Store you can see the available updates as Updates (#) at the top right end of the Store.

How to Pick App Updates to Download in Store in Windows 10

  • Click Store (Beta) icon on the Taskbar to open.
  • Click User icon and select Downloads option.

Downloads button of the Store (Beta)

  • Click Check for updates button.

Check for updates button in Store (Beta)

  • You can see the existing updates. Click Update All button to download entire updates of the apps.
  • If you prefer to update a specific app, click the down arrow button seen with all the apps.

Update all button and down arrow buttons to download the updates

  • The updates for the apps are done.

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