How to Sync Google Chrome Tabs on Multiple Computers

Synchronization of Tabs of Google Chrome makes many things easy. You can make  browser preferences, apps and many more applications to your Google account on multiple computer. Besides this saving of bookmark, extensions, etc can be done at plural number of computers. You need not to concern about which computer you are using. Only one Google account is sufficient for all these.


You can activate sync Chrome tabs on Multiple computers through original Google account. Let’s follow the tips which this can be done:

  • Firstly open Google Chrome browser. Click on the Wrench button from left top corner to start chrome menu lists.
  • Now choose the Settings option from drop down menu lists.

chrome settings option


  • From settings tabs, hit on the Sign in to Chrome link.

sign chrome to sync


  • Then type your Gmail account and password to allow sync from Google service.
sign to sync chrome
  • A confirmation pop-up box appears. Click on OK, sync everything option.
sync chrome ok
  • Next click on the Advanced sync settings…. Option.
chrome advance sync settings
  • In the Advanced sync settings window, you have to find Open Tab option and check its box.
chrome sync tabs

Then it permits you to open chrome tabs to sync online automatically. It supports you to switch chrome tabs on the multiple computers ( from desktop to laptop) at same time.

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