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How to Properly Uninstall Avast in Windows 10

Use AVAST Software Uninstall Utility to Properly Uninstall Avast in Windows 10 Pic 10 The frequent prompts of Avast while you play a game, watch a movie, or chat with a friend is annoying. In such scenarios, you must feel the need to Uninstall Avast in Windows 10. There can also be many other reasons for you to remove this software. You may prefer to get rid of this security […]

Easy Screen OCR to Capture and Convert Screenshot to Text

Easy Screen OCR to Capture and Convert Screenshot to Text Pic 1 Easy Screen OCR is a freeware, fully compatible with Windows allows you to extract text from anything that displays on your PC screens. It is basically a desktop Optical Character Recognition tool which is used for text extraction from an image, video, website, documents, etc. Sometimes, a text is available in form of pictures which becomes difficult […]

5 Most Useful Features of Microsoft Word 2013

Save running multiple documents at once in Word 2013 Microsoft Word is a well-known multi-purpose application of Microsoft office productivity. Microsoft has revealed its latest product version called Microsoft Office 2013. The Word 2013 is an integral part of Microsoft Office 2013. A Number of elegant features are included with MS Word 13. These features are sufficient to enhance user experience. It might

Top 10 Websites to Download eBooks in PDF Format Free

ebook website Compilation of Top 10 Websites to Download eBooks in PDF Format Free of price – Digital Books or eBooks are modern ways to read books over the internet. There are many eBook search engines or websites available like Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Sony PRS eBook reader, etc to read eBook online or download eBook. Now […]

How to Use and Remove Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7

internet explorer 11 home screen Currently the recent version Internet Explorer 11 is present in windows 8.1 preview. Now windows 7 users can also grab it free. The top feature of Internet Explorer 11 lets you to boost overall performance improvements with support of a fresh JavaScript engine. It also supports 3D hardware accelerated web graphics and processional worth

7 Cool Tasks to do With Your Tablet

safe your home with tablet app Tablet user performs often a limited number of tasks such as web browsing, checking emails, reading e-books, playing games online or offline and watching movies. Despite majority of android apps are at their respective stores, it is true fact that most users don’t feel comfortable with their tabs. A little tablet is able to do a […]

8 Hidden New Features of Google Chrome

create guest user in chrome Today’s Google Chrome is a top-rate and admired internet browser. According to sources, there are about 750 million users are using Google Chrome worldwide on a regular basis because it is faster than other internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, opera, and Safari. Under 5 years of the period, Chrome has become primary browser

Top 5 Security Tips to Protect Malware, Threats on Android Phones

android apps download third source Currently top-rate smartphone manufacturer hasn’t found solid security solution to protect from Android Malware. While several antivirus companies are offering to use up-to-date apps as Android security solution. But these antivirus apps are unable to avoid your Android Smartphone from Android Malware quickly. Similar to Windows, make note that antivirus app aren’t vital on Android […]