5 Easy Tips to be Safe and Secure your Mobile on Internet

Nowadays, the use of Internet via mobile is increasing at a remarkable rate everywhere. This is only because mobile is a portable device and can be brought everywhere without facing problems and frustration. Everyone knows to handle Mobile Internet in this modern time, but they might not be aware of its security and safety issues. One must be safe when he explores the Web. It is very important to secure privacy of accounts, information, data and so. Here we are providing you five easy tips so that you may stay safe online on your mobile.

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5 Easy Tips to be Safe and Secure your Mobile on Internet

You can save yourself when you are accessing the Internet via mobile by the following easy tips.

1. Lock your Device – If you are using Android devices then at first, lock your device to prevent accessing by the children and unauthorized users. You can lock your devices as your choice like using a PIN, Password, Pattern or even your face (through facial recognition). In this regard,  in your phone settings and  scroll down to select Personal and then tap Security and finally Screen Lock.

2. Always Access Safe Content –  Filter out all explicit contents by mere equipping SafeSearch in Google Search and YouTube on your mobile which is just same as on PC. Hide all the mature contents from search like in films,  videos,  playlists, shows and by enabling this feature.

(a) Firstly go to Chrome and scroll down to the Settings which is located at the bottom of the Google Search page to select Search Settings.

(b) For YouTube safe materials, choose Settings after then by Search and hit on SafeSearch Filtering.

(c)  If you are using the Google Search app, go to Search Settings at the lowermost of the page and then hit on Accounts & Privacy to turn on the filter.

3. Create profiles for all your family members – If you are using a tablet with Android 4.3 or above to it, then you have to create restricted profiles for all members which will limit the access the users other than them. After then you can share your device without sharing all your content. You can create profiles in your device settings by tapping on Users and Profiles and then clicking Add to select Restricted Profile. After doing this, you need to choose the apps if you want to add to the account.

4. Filter Apps available to your family – Google Play filter apps has various maturity ratings and provide control over the apps you have. You can select any type of rating which is right for your family. In the Google Play Store settings of your device, opt for User Controls and hit on Content filtering.

5. Locate a missing device – You can locate your lost or theft handheld device on a map by using Android Device Manager. You can delete your data remotely or call your phone to make it easier to find. Firstly you have to install the Android Device Manager app and open it to choose the right device and then select one of the options Ring or Lock or Erase.

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