A Free App to Boost Children’s Knowledge on Windows 8 / 10 – Weird but True

Weird but True is a free app of Windows 8 which helps kids in learning new things with excitement and fun. This app is based on the popular book series by National Geographic. It is developed by National Geographic Kids. This app is created for a curious child to learn things in a completely in a new way with lots of fun and excitement. The interface of this app is very attractive with good choice of colors and creative design of fonts. The Sound Effects used in this app are cool and lovable by kids.  This app is designed in such a way that it interacts with its users in a very impressive manner. This app is user-friendly with its lovable way of presenting things in front of kids. A screenshot of the home screen of this app is shown below.

weird but true app Windows 8

You can download this app in Windows 8 by searching it in the Windows 8 Store or else you can download it from the link provided at the last of this article. This is a free app. As soon as you install it in your Windows and open it, a window will pop-up like the screenshot shown below:Weird but True Windows 8

How to play and use the different features of this app.

In the rightmost corner, you have four icons visible to you. This is all here, using which we have to know all about this Weird but true. The description of the different icon is written below:

  1. Search of animals: It is the first icon on the Right-top. If you click on this icon, an animal will come and say “That’s weird”. The Sound of different animals is set to be different. Parents could make their children learn about different animals using this icon. As the animals keep on repeating themselves, children would easily be known of them.
  2. The Heart icon: It just an icon to play with. Clicking on this icon will move this icon and at last, it will come back to its original place.
  3. The Weird-o-meter: It is a meter that gives different funny sounds when its meter is rotated from one place to another. It lets the children swipe each fact and know the level of its weirdness with the help of sound and surprise produced.

The above figure shows the weird-o-meter. You have to move the mouse and press wherever you want to press to get a sound in this meter.

4.   Plus icon : It is the icon to change the facts i.e. if you are willing to create a new fact in front of your kids, just click on this and opens up a new image. It also keeps them away from being bored, along-with they could learn about new topics and facts.

Using all of the above options, children can tag any fact as their favorite, rate its weirdness using the Weird-o-meter on the fact page, click on search option to see different animals coming and going with the sound “That’s weird”. Thus using this app, a child can enhance his knowledge on various things.

Key Features of this App

  • Know about different facts just by swiping from one to another fact.
  • Weird-O-Meter helps you to know about the weirdness of anything.
  • It helps you locate facts about your favorite topics—animals, weather and climate, space, science and tech, and more! just by using fact finder.
  • Using this app, you can also bookmark your favorites to share with your friends or family.


Weird but true is a very useful application for both Parents and Kids. Parents would feel free from making their kids memorizing different animals and facts. Again, children would also feel it cozy to learn the facts in a very entertaining way. Children could also use the Fact Finder to know the information about Animals to Space. Thus this app is really a worth trying the app for the children.

Download link: Weird but True

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