How to Add Desktop Icons to Windows 10 After Creators Update

Procedures to Add Desktop Icons to Windows 10 After Creators Update. – After installing Windows 10 on your PC, you see empty desktop requiring icons for This PC, User’s file, and others. You need to manually enable them through Personalization Settings one by one for each individual item. Follow an interesting article on How to Sort Desktop Icons On Windows 10 to Change Order.

Although the Desktop icons are not part of the desktop any further yet they are part of the OS. If you think they are useful, you can bring these icons back to the Windows 10 desktop. Previously you use to enable the desktop icons using Control panel but after the creator update, they are shifted to the settings.

So, to Add Desktop Icons to Windows 10 you will need to go through the settings application. You will see here a guide with easy steps will help you in bringing back the classic Desktop icons on Windows 10.

Old Windows users might know that the desktop includes default icons for user account folders, network, Recycle Bin. But that is not the case on Windows 10 where you only see the Recycle Bin.

Way to Add Desktop Icons to Windows 10

Step 1 – Begin the work with clicking the Start button and select the Settings icon. If you prefer to use the keyboard more press Win and I at the same time. Now choose the Personalization icon from the list on the Settings application.

Add Desktop Icons to Windows 10 image 1

Step 2 – Click the option Theme under the Personalization in the left pane.

To directly access the themes settings you can use a shortcut method. In the Run dialog box, type or copy and paste the following command and press Enter


If you need to need the ways follow How to Open Run Dialog Box in Windows 10.

Step 3 – Now move on to the right pane and click the option Desktop icons Settings. You will see this option under the Related Settings. For the PCs, that have a big resolution, Related Settings will appear on the right side.

Add Desktop Icons to Windows 10 image 2

Step 4 – Clicking on the Desktop icons Settings link you will find a dialog box opening. This will contain all the lost desktop icon you want to bring back.

Add Desktop Icons to Windows 10 image 3

Alternatively, you can use the below shortcut to open Desktop icon settings. Just type or copy and paste the following command in the Run dialog box and press Enter

rundll32 shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL desk.cpl,,0

Step 5 – Now check the Desktop icons box you would like to see on the desktop. Kindly remember that you need to check the appropriate icon in the middle box that you want to bring back.

Step 6 – After clicking on the icons, press Apply and OK one after the another. This will complete the work and you will see all the classic desktop icons.

So you can see that by using such simple steps you can Add Desktop Icons to Windows 10 After Creators Update. These icons are very important as you can regularly open different folders and settings using them. So add with the simple steps and enjoy.

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