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Age of Empires III is a strategic Game commonly known as AOE III. Its previous versions are AOE II and AOE I. Its latest version is 3D AOE II. Age of Empires III gives you a chance to test your own capability of making Strategy and performing them in the proper sequence. Here, in this article, I am going to tell you about those facts about AOE III which you might not have heard of. Knowing these facts you may play Age of Empire 3 in more Enthusiastic way This game comes in three parts.

  1. AOE III: This is the main game which was launched at first. Here, on this app, you can find the dynasty of French, England, Russian, Spain, and other western countries.
  2. AOE III- The Asian Dynasty: This part consists of Asian dynasties along with normal dynasty like: India, China and Japan. The normal mode of ageing up as well as playing the game differs completely from that of AOE III.
  3. AOE III- The War Chiefs: It consists of native warriors which you can found in each AOE III as well as Asian Dynasty. Armies formed here are slightly weak in comparison to that of dynasty of the previous two.

Here, we are going to learn about playing games in AOE III against the Hard or Expert Level. There are different dynasties as explained earlier. Basic things stay the same . However, it depends on which dynasty you have chosen and which one is against you. A screenshot of this is shown below:


How to install Age of Empire III and do proper settings 

Install this game on your PC and check out all the boxes in the options menu of this game except friend and foe color. However, you can select that too if you wish to distinguish only between two colors. The settings related to video or audio can be easily set by you as per your wish.

AOE Game

Click on the box as shown in the above screenshot. You can see that a single box is not checked. This has been done so that if you are playing with multiple users, you will see different colors of your friends as well as your opponents. Once, you have done this, save this and go ahead to play a game. On its main screen, you can see option of single player and Multiple Players. Select the single player. You will be asked to select a dynasty. There are many dynasty like French, Russian, England, Ottoman, Portuguese, Dutch, German etc. Each dynasty has its own advantage as well as disadvantage. A brief on different dynasty has been procured below:

  1. Britain: Extra Manor Houses that spawn villagers, in the earlier part of the economy is good and in the later part Military.
  2. Spanish: Experience points (XP) (and subsequent Home City shipments) are gained faster.
  3. French: Coureurs gather faster and fight better.
  4. Ottoman: Town Centers spawn villagers without price and they also occupy strongest artillery unit, the Great Bombard, and also the most mighty infantry unit in the fundamental game, the Janissary (in expansions it no longer holds this distinction).
  5. Portuguese:  Extra Wrapped Wagon whenever you advance an Age, Explorer becomes capable to apply Spyglass.
  6. Dutch: Villagers value Coin, Banks make Coin, can field early defensive skirmishers.
  7. Russian: Villagers, as well as infantry, are instructed in groups, low cost military great for overwhelming other players with their large armies, can build Blockhouses
  8. German: Free Uhlans reach with each Home City Shipment, there are two types of settlers, more mercenary cards obtainable.

Here, I am going to tell you about how to play after choosing the dynasty French. You can choose your own dynasty, however, the strategy remains the same in each dynasty. I will keep things much simpler so that even you choose another dynasty and you can play it better.

Basic Things in Different Ages

This is a strategy game and so you have to be well prepared for a challenging game. This game basically operates in three important stages. They are collecting resources, Ageing up and finally defeating your opponent in the battle field and then seizing his empire. This is the basic things which you have to do after reaching the next age. The Game basically runs in 5 Ages.

  1. Discovery Age: This is the initial period. Here, you have to collect treasure, collect 800 food and age up as fast as you can. No battle can be fought in this age. So there is no need of waiting here in this age. Here, do form the market and improve some of its parts like food, wood and coin collecting as it fastens the rate of their collection.
  2. Colonial Age: This is the initial stage where you have to make the proper strategy. You have to decide whether you should go for the next age or prepare for a battle. If you focus on ageing up without making a good army, it might be possible that your opponent will attack you and finish you off completely during the process of your ageing up. So, it is good to make a proper army roughly around 30-35 before ageing up. Your army should consist of 20 infantry and 10 Cuirassier.
  3. Industrial Age: In this age, update all the mills, farms, plantation, army barrack as well as stables. Make new artillery house where, you will create new artillery. There are three types of artillery present here to be build up by you. The first one is good against infantry. They are very strong at them. They are very bad if placed in front of army on the horses. So, keep them away from them. The second one is good against the first one artillery. If you are willing to broke down your opponent’s first artillery, this is a good choice. again, the third one is very good if you wish to break up the walls or buildings of your opponents. If possible, do make up the church as it will update the wall from wood to brick after update. Here, too you have to make a strong army and you can normally attack your opponent here in this age if you feel you have a strong army. Note that you should keep some army at your base as it might be possible that you would be attacked too while you go into their base.
  4. Imperial Age: This is a very good choice as it updates most of your army along with plantation. Note that, here you can bring two factories which is a very good thing. Factories are sent once and they are there for increasing the resources at a high rate, so its your responsibility to safeguard them. All the improvements as well as building a strong army and improving them is based on resources. Therefore, you have to be cautious about the factory. Do update all those army with which you want to play or fight the game. You can also brought armies from your dynasty. Focus on defeating your army here on this age as if he moves in the next age, it would take some extra time as well as if he reaches at first, he might give you a good defend. Here, also update the last two improvements on the church as it would make the Cuirassier, infantry and skirmishers  a little faster.
  5. Post-Imperial Age: The moment you feel that your opponent is strong in army, proceed to this age after having a good number of armies with you. Here, the improvements are at the extreme level. Your army would be very tough to be defeated and the same applies to your opponent. Here, you can form a capital of your dynasty. After building it, you can click on its second option to see the location of your opponent. This is a very good option, however, if your army is very good then don’t do it as it will cost you very large number of coins. It would be better to make a good army,break them off and then click on this button. There are other improvements here on your capital which you can do to improve your army, men and other things like your cavalry, artillery etc.

Some Other things which should be taken care of while playing this game

  • Never stop making the villager as it will slow down the process of your collecting resources.
  • It is good to have 12 villagers at 1st age, 25 villagers at 2nd age, 35 villagers at 3rd age, 50 at 4th age and 60-70 at 5th age.
  • Initially in the first age, don’t form the farm mill or plantation. make villagers to move here and there for animals, berries, woods, rocks as well as gold-mines. Make outpost near your Town-center. It will safeguard your people nearby as well as your buildings.
  • Make farm mill in the second age, as it might be danger to the villagers to be killed on the road.
  • Make plantation in the third age for the above similar reason and make it near to the Town-center.
  • Bring the Fort in the third age. It is very strong and it can fight against 30 infantry easily. Keep 5 Cuirassier near by it as it will kill the artillery if they come to break it.
  • Be patient during the whole game and plan a perfect strategy and stick to that to be victorious.
  • If you are not able to defeat your opponent in the attacking mode, play the defending mode. It works almost all the time.

Download AOE III here

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