Auto Dark Mode X 10.0.1 for Windows 11/10 with better resiliency in autostart

New version Auto Dark Mode X 10.0.1 for Windows 11 and 10 changelog and download links.

Auto Dark Mode X 10.0.1

Do you prefer automatic switching of dark and light themes in a scheduled manner? If yes then Windows Auto Dark Mode is one of the handiest utilities you will never like to skip. Having abundant of functionalities and features this tool allows you to set desired times, switch modes, use grayscale color filter, Energy saver mitigation for theme switch, change language, auto start dark mode, and a lot more. Auto Dark Mode X 10.0.1 is the first release in X build.

Auto Dark Mode X 10.0.1 version brings bug checks for several issues such as Acrylic Blur, laggy window dragging, crash, delayed startup, UI elements not changing color, and others. Furthermore, the app introduces improve the resiliency and reliability of the autostart mechanism, disable automatic theme verification. See – How to Auto-Switch Light and Dark Theme in Windows 10.

Auto Dark Mode X 10.0.1 changes and bug fixes

Here is the Changelog –


  1. You can now enable/disable checking for updates when Auto Dark Mode starts.
  2. Greatly improve the resiliency and reliability of the autostart mechanism. Auto Dark Mode will take care of your autostart entries! (#293, #259).
  3. You can now enable/disable autostart via the settings menu.
  4. Add warning message when adding Auto Dark Mode to autostart fails.
  5. Auto Dark Mode now starts a lot faster and is more responsive thanks to a new messaging system!
  6. Added a toggle to disable automatic theme verification in theme mode (#171).
  7. Auto Dark Mode X 10.0.1 Added Windows default themes and custom themes installed via the Windows theme website (#175).
  8. Improve the reliability of the update notification.
  9. The update patcher has been rewritten in rust and is now super tiny. This shrinks Auto Dark Mode by up to 35%!
  10. The update mechanism will now attempt to reconnect if it fails at boot.
  11. Add english terms in the language selection.
  12. The installer no longer shows command line windows when uninstalling.

Auto Dark Mode X 10.0.1 Bug fixes

  1. Auto Dark Mode will no longer crash when used with VPNs that terminate TCP sockets (#302).
  2. Fix Acrylic Blur on Windows 10 (#139).
  3. Mitigate laggy window dragging when using Windows 11 by disabling transparency effects for now.
  4. Fixed a potential crash originating in the components infrastructure.
  5. Fixed an issue where Auto Dark Mode could not properly detect the active Windows theme and attempted to switch too often (#317).
  6. Fixed an issue with Win10 LTSC where the taskbar accent color would switch by mistake.
  7. Auto Dark Mode X 10.0.1 Fix delayed startup when the updater can’t reach the version servers.
  8. Fix issue where clicking the tray icon no longer opens the app.
  9. Allow smaller window sizes such that the App window is visible on larger scaling settings (#270).
  10. Fix issue in App that causes the location settings menu to open when using a default location (thanks @XRicko).
  11. Fix some UI elements not changing color in the App in Dark Mode (#285).
  12. Removed accent color highlighting so the menu navigation items are easier to read (#274).
  13. Fix scrolling when using touch screens (#309).
  14. The installer now correctly removes autostart entries during uninstall.
  15. Auto Dark Mode now shuts down nice and clean when you power down your system.
  16. Auto Dark Mode now properly responds to exit instructions from Windows.


  1. Update Baha Indonesia translation (thanks @pc-v2).
  2. Update Japanese translations (thanks @maboroshin).
  3. Update Turkish translations (thanks @cmhrky).
  4. Update Korean translations (thanks @VenusGirl).
  5. Update Simplified Chinese translations (thanks @ThrRip@shenzhiming88).

Auto Dark Mode X 10.0.1 Download links –

1] AutoDarkModeX_10.0.1.75.exe
3] AutoDarkModeX_10.0.1.75.sha256

Source – Github.

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