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Generic Product keys to Install Windows 10 Version 1909

Generic Product keys to Install Windows 10 Version 1909 Microsoft issues Generic product keys for all the versions of Windows 10 to complete the normal installation. The codes are free for real or virtual devices and valid for a limited time period of 30 -90 days. Windows 10 1909 is the 9th version of the Microsoft operating system, available from November 2019 with the […]

Windows 10 build 19025.1051 [20H1] is Available on Slow Ring

Windows 10 build 19025.1051 [20H1] is Available on Slow Ring Microsoft released Windows 10 build 19025.1051 for late access channel 20H1. The features, fixes, and improvements are just same as the Fast ring update. For the fast ring level build 19025, see the article here. Microsoft rolled out the update on November 15, 2019 with a solitary feature. They added an algorithm for the detection […]

Fix: WINLOGON FATAL ERROR 0xC000021A in Windows 10

Fix WINLOGON FATAL ERROR Windows 10 is a stable version but the OS quite often shows Blue Screen errors with different stop codes. One such BSOD is WINLOGON FATAL ERROR that appears with a bug check value 0xC000021A. The issue turns the screen blue and shows the stop error, furthermore sometimes makes the computer restarting frequently. WINLOGON_FATAL _ERROR occurs […]

paint.net 4.2.6 Beta Version Build 7263 Rolled Out

paint.net 4.2.6 Beta Version Build 7263 paint.net is rolled out in Beta version 4.2.6 with build 7263. This release just graduated into beta, which means pretty much everything should be working the way it should, and translations have been updated. It should be a short path from here to the final release of 4.2.6, which means I can start working on […]

Fix: UCMUCSI LIVEDUMP Error BSOD 0x000001D4 in Windows 10

UCMUCSI LIVEDUMP Error BSOD in Windows 10 Pic 1 Devices running Windows 10 are always prone to some kinds of complications, incompatibility issues, bugs, and more. Out of several problems, Blue Screen of Death is the most annoying one as it reboots the PC without prior warning. Moreover, it turns the screen into a blue color and shows an error message along with a […]

Fix: IPI WATCHDOG TIMEOUT Error 0x000001DB in Windows 10

IPI WATCHDOG TIMEOUT IPI WATCHDOG TIMEOUT error is a very common and quite an annoying BSOD error for computers, laptops, desktops, and tablets running Windows 10. The issue occurs mainly when a serious problem causes Windows to shut down or restart unexpectedly. Various malfunctions can cause this problem such as – inaccessible boot device, overclocked PC hardware, corrupted […]

Fix: Error 0x80073701 in KB4524570 for Windows 10 1909

Error 0x80073701 in KB4524570 KB4524570 is the first cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1909 but unfortunately, the LCU failed to install with error 0x80073701. The patch gets downloaded successfully but after rebooting the PC throws the stop code. Windows update error commonly occurs due to disabled Service, faulty update components, malware threat, third-party app. So we will check […]