A look back of the best Gadgets of 2012

The year 2012 has been a history in the new inventions and the gadgets. All the technological firms had tied up to provide common man with best of the comfort they can. This has been a year for the size changers. The phones have grown larger. The tablets and the laptops have grown smaller. The features are ever-increasing. The communication is getting better. The security systems are getting tougher. Hope to see a mobile which washes clothes. Well! Jokes part.

Here is our compilation of the best gadgets of the year gone by:

• Samsung Galaxy SIII : Samsung is becoming the mobile giant with new mobiles and amazing features beating the likes of Nokia and others. The SIII had been the best phone in terms of selling in 2012. The screen was amazing with a fast processor with a RAM of 2 gigs. The HD screen is the best for very content. And the touch experience is simply divine.

• MacBook Pro with Retina Display : Apple had always been up to its reputation of creating amazing gadgets and so now it had spread all over America and taking over the world. The MacBook Pro got much better with the addition of the retina display. The performance is enhanced and the picture quality is next to nothing. It gives the best laptop experience ever.

• Sony’s Monster 4k TV: For all those wanting to experience a theatre in home, but not on a projector, on a screen, this is a must have. The 84 inch screen is humongous to the best viewing experience, but it also comes with a cost like its size $25000. Sony’s Monster 4k TV  is for all those rich techies.

• Lytro Light Field Camera : This had been the best reviewed camera of 2012. The photography experience had been taken to the next level with its introduction. The best part of Lytro Light Field Camera is after the fact any part of the picture could be brought to focus. The concept is the light field capture. The aesthetic feel it brings is nothing less to revolutionary.

• Wii U : The gaming consoles are becoming more and more better to give the best of the gaming experience. The screen size is large at 6.5 inch with the aspect ratio of 16:9. The processor is much faster. The button layout is very well planned. Overall, Wii U is a must have for all those avid gamers.
• Microsoft Surface RT : The wait for a signature Microsoft device was over with the launch of this device. It was a tablet packed with the features of the best laptop. Microsoft Surface RT gives a pleasurable experience on its use both as a tablet and laptop. The form factor is a decent one. On a whole a must have.

• Google Nexus 7 Tablet : The best way of spending 200$. It has been the best reviewed tablet. The size and the feel of Google Nexus 7 Tablet is very aesthetic with a hard resistant glass surface. The screen size is amazing for entertainment and the net surfing.

These have been our take. Give your take on your favorite devices. Join the discussion forum today by joining in.

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