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How to Configure Firewall Settings in Windows 10, 8 Step by Step

Configure Firewall Settings in Windows 10, 8 – Firewall is a protection system for keeping the PC secure from the harmful problems basically caused while using networks. It gives protection to the PC from the damages caused by networks. It permits or blocks the information passing through the PC. It is quite different from the antivirus programs

Best iPhone and iPad Apps this Week

 SquiggleFish, Onavo Protect, Angry Birds Friends, Evomail, Ukulele Songbook: The Beatles, Toontastic Jr. Shrek, Closer UK, Piano Mania and more. These apps range from being freemium to premium. Lets have a look at some of them: SquiggleFish (£1.49): This app being the most innovative and entertaining for the children. It brings the physical and the […]

How to backup the lost data on Mac

 There are many instances when the data stored on a personal computer can be lost. Important information such as the legal documents, office stuff or the personal favorite stuff once lost cannot is very painful. This article gives you an insight of what to do when such instance happens and how to cope up

How to install Windows 8 on Mac

 The next generation Window 8 Operating System has become so popular that everyone wants to use it. Even the Mac users are eager to install the OS on their Macs to get a first hand experience of it. So, this article mainly aims the process to install Windows 8 on the Mac PC using

Cool Websites and apps: Part 2

 This article is the continuation to my previous article of Cool websites and apps part 1. So many websites and apps are coming up every day that I cannot stop myself from exploring them. And they are being designed keeping the common people in mind so that they can have a large number of utilities. Let […]