Black Menu: Chrome Extension to access all Google Services

As Google has owned plenty of services as Gmail, Google Drive, Google+, YouTube, Translate, Google Play, News, Google Maps, Google Search and many more. Majority of users around the world access these Google services on a regular interval. While needing to access more than single Google owned services at the same juncture, you have to open them one by one in separate Tabs. These acts need a fair bit of time, causing annoying moments. When you switch to Black Menu tool problem could be eradicated. Now, I am to discuss features as well as the process of installation of Black Menu extension for Google Chrome.
‘Black Menu’ is a tool for Google Chrome. It is very valuable in a certain aspect to bring popular Google owned services with a single click. Once you install Black Menu extension/tool on Chrome browser, an icon appears in the address bar. Just click existing Black Menu icon and see all Google owned service in drop-down menu list. When you haunt mouse pointer on existing Tab, specific Google service will be displayed. Whether you want to check Google+ notification or watch out YouTube videos, there is no need to open particular tab for it. Application itself displays Google + notification right inside Google Chrome in the existing tab.
As far ‘Black Menu’ extension installation concern, you have to access Chrome Web store then after navigate it. You may easily install particular extension on Chrome browser with the help of below placed link.
Download Black Menu (Google Chrome Extension)

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