Audiobooks 8 – Download Thousands of Free AudioBooks on Windows 8

Today’s popularity of audiobooks is increasing among the android and iPhone users widely. Now a related app named Audiobooks 8 comes into the light that provides facility to windows 8 users to download or listen free audio books in metro environment. The Audiobooks 8 app contains over 6000 free of cost audiobooks belonging to different categories and languages.

A few days back I have discussed about podcasts! app for windows 8 that helps users to watch and listen audio or video episodes in windows 8

audiobooks 8 app main interface

Features of Audiobooks 8 app

  • Easy to search most preferred audiobooks from search charms or using app search bar.
search audiobooks from charms in windows 8
  • Simple to stream or playback audiobooks without download.
  • User can share favorite audiobooks to other app like Mail, people or social networks quickly.
share audiobooks in windows 8
  • To listen favorite audiobooks several times, pin it to the start screen.
  • The Audiobook 8 app supports background playback interface that means audiobooks can be listened after the minimizing.
  • A media control bar lets app user to control the audiobooks streaming settings.
  • The app prompts Live tile which lets detail information about the presently streamed audiobooks.

In order to download Audiobooks 8 app on windows 8 system, go to start screen highlights search charms by pressing shortcut ( windows key+F). Then type audiobooks in search bar and click on Store button in right panel. In search page of results, click on app icon and next choose install button.

search audiobooks 8 app on windows 8 store

Download Audiobooks 8 app from Windows Store

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