How to Control UWP Apps Sound From Volume Mixer in Windows 10

Way to Control UWP Apps Sound From Volume Mixer on Windows 10 with steps. – Earlier you needed to adjust the volume of all the app either through the application itself or through the volume mixer. The problem with the volume mixer is that it changes the sound of the entire device. But now this problem is taken care of by the Windows team.

So you will find here the way to Control UWP Apps Sound From Volume Mixer in Windows 10. Now there is a centralized place from where you can change and adjust the volume of UWP Apps. You can now control UWP Apps sound From Volume Mixer itself. All the apps that use sound will reserve a place here. You can here change the volume or adjust it as per the requirement. The best part of this feature is that it will not affect the overall volume of the system. Follow a guide regarding sound How to Disable, Enable Mono Audio in Windows 10.

To access the Volume mixer input a right-click on the speaker icon seating on the taskbar. The only thing that needs consideration is you can see the UWP apps in the Volume Mixer section only when the app starts playing the sound. Else the Volume Mixer will not carry the icon of the UWP app. See the whole process step by step.

Control UWP Apps Sound From Volume Mixer in Windows 10

Step 1 – Right click on the Speaker icon on the taskbar and select Volume mixer from the list.

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Step 2 – In the application section, you find a list of volumes sliders for different applications in the Volume mixer. Drag the concerned slider up or down of the app for which you want to change the volume.

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The software pioneer leaders, Microsoft is now ready to head towards another update of the Windows 10. This now would be the next build, Build 16193 which again seems promising in terms of new features. Even though this release is still to come into the action take a look at the features.

One such feature which Windows 10 upcoming build has taken care of is the sounds of the UWP app. Universal Windows Platform (UWP), makes universal apps for device and mobile with no need for re-coding it. This platform takes up the challenge of making apps that work perfectly on such devices.

In the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) there was a provision for changing or adjusting the volume from nearly all sort of means. You could change it from many intersections thus creating confusion among the users as to which is the right choice.

The next build of the Windows looks promising when coming to controlling UWP Apps Sound adjusting. It uses the Volume Mixer to Control UWP Apps Sound such as Groove music, Microsoft Edge, etc from a single. Stick to this article to know about the methods to control UWP Apps Sound From Volume Mixer in Windows 10.

Concluding Words

Windows strive to give its user unmatched experience of using an OS and adding this step is just a step further in the same direction. Remember this feature is not launched yet and is expected to come into use from Build 16193.

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