How to convert Photos to Jigsaw puzzles using ViscomSoft

ViscomSoft Photo Jigsaw Puzzles is a new app developed to change photos into Jigsaw puzzles. It is a free application and changes any photo into Jigsaw Puzzles in seconds. It has many other functions as well. Some other features of ViscomSoft are Photo collage, Photo slideshow, Photo Effect, Gif Webcam, and many others. However, in this article we will keep ourselves focused on its features.

ViscomSoft Photo Jigsaw Puzzles is really a very nice web application that lets you play with your own pics. It has a very smooth interface and is very easy to work with this online app. Using this online app you can play with the different colors such as RGB and the Jigsaw lines to create different changes in the photos.

Click the link to ViscomSoft Photo Jigsaw Puzzles to access the site.

How to use and play with this app

There are two options in this app. The first option is to open a photo by selecting it from your computer, play it with different colors i.e. Red, Blue, and Green. You can also play here, with the Jigsaw Style and the  Line weight. Note that you can change the color option too of the Jigsaw style. If you take the Red options too far from its initial position and keep others at the same, it will create the Jigsaw red. Similar to this way you can make different colors of Jigsaw depending on how much amount you take from RGB options.

When you are done with all the changes you are willing to do using this online application on your photo just select the other option i.e. Save it. It will again ask you for the folder for where do you like to save it. Just locate the locations and you are done.

Let me show you an example. Let’s first open a new initial pic as shown below:

viscomsoft photo jigsaw puzzles

Once I opened this picture from my laptop on the website, I changed its RGB colors which can be seen from the first figure. After then changed its line weight and jigsaw style. After the modification, I download it back to one of my folders.

Below shown is a screenshot of a picture describing the above-mentioned methods done online using ViscomSoft Photo Jigsaw Puzzles. 

viscomsoft photo jigsaw puzzles

In the above figure, you can simply change only one color too.

What are the different features of this app

  • It supports only Jpg format pictures only. 
  • It creates a new, real and attractive Jigsaw puzzle from the original pic.
  • You can play with the line weight and the Style of the Jigsaw Puzzle.
  • You can select the right combination of RGB colors according to your own desire.

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