How to Fix long beeps at Windows 10, 8 PC Startup Step by Step

Have you heard long beeps during Windows 10, 8 startup? Actually, beeps mean failing hardware components inside the system. The number of beeps or beep codes signify the hardware components which are facing the problem. With the tips given here, you will be familiar with some of the troubleshooting steps to resolve six types of long beeps during Windows 8 startup. The built-in Motherboard produces special beeps or error tunes to alert you about hardware device issue on Windows 10, 8 PC.

How to fix long beeps at Windows 10, 8 Start up?

  • It is always suggested not to tamper with OEM tagged laptop or desktop. If you replace or change any hardware components like RAM, CPU from OEM tagged system then it will create long beeps at startup. So, confirm that you have bought the well-suited hardware components for your Windows 10, 8 PC.
  • Usually, six beeps point out problems for your motherboard integrated video cards. If you have replaced new video cards instead of the original then it can cause for creating long beeps. Because your Windows 10, 8 PC is not accepting or responding to installed new video card settings. In this condition, you have a better option to buy the quite well-matched video card for your Windows 10, 8 PC.
  • If you have already Windows 10, 8 compatible video card then unplug the video card from motherboard slot for some minutes and attempt to plug in again on the slot. Nonetheless, if you hear long beeps regularly on the Windows 10, 8 PC then try to discuss with a computer hardware expert.
  • You can also follow correct keys like F11 or F2 to start either BIOS or safe mode on the Windows 10, 8 PC. Using the BIOS settings, you can fix a lot of problems. Under Safe mode, you can install the video card drivers from the device manager to its latest version. To do this, you need to download or update the driver version from the relevant manufacturer’s website.

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