Convert This PC Icon to Your Own Photo in Windows 10

How to Convert This PC Icon to Your Own Photo  in Windows 10 – What a sweet stuff when you would showcase the dearest portrait for the icons on your desktop! Personalization of This PC icon in above-written manner is not so tough task and takes only 4-5 steps. If you are desirous to Convert This PC Icon to Your Own Photo in Windows 10 you can perform it by pursuing the below-illustrated method noticeably easily.


How to Convert This PC Icon to Your Own Photo in Windows 10

First of all, make sure that the photo that you wish to set as “This PC” icon has been set into “.ico” file. If it is in .jpg or .png, you need to set it to “.ico” file format. Let us see how –

  • Go to the place where your photo is stored, and once you find it, do a right-click on it and thereupon click “Open with” and then “Paint”.

Open with Paint tool context menu

  • The photo will be observable in the Paint tool, now click or tap “File” on the menu ribbon and from downward options, select “Save As BMP Picture”.

Save Paint photo as BMP Picture

  • On Save as window choose a location to store the picture, in the “File name field give a name to your photo and add .ico as its extension, for instance – “MyOwnPhoto.ico” (without quotes) and click “Save” button.

Save photo as .ico file

  • Now, it is time to change the symbol or icon of “This PC” and to do so launch “Start Menu” and thereafter hit “Settings”.

Unroll Start Menu and Settings

  • Click or hit “Personalization” block.

Personalization block of Settings program

  • In the left flank of segments, click or hit “Themes”, the second last one.

Themes segment of Personalization category

  • Look at the opposite part and underneath the title of “Related Settings”, you witness three links, click the middle link, “Desktop icon settings”.

Desktop icon settings link

  • A Desktop Icon Settings box will soon be observable on the screen, select This PC symbol and thereupon click “Change Icon” button.

This PC Change Icon

  • A separate wizard “Change Icon” will be visible just over the opened “Desktop icon setting”, hit the “Browse” button.

Browse button of Change Icon wizard

  • Navigate to the place where you have stored the photo in “.ico” format and once you are there, pick it up and thereafter hit “Open” button.

Select .ico photo Open button

  • On “Change Icon” wizard you will see the customized photo of yours, click “Ok”.

Change Icon my own photo

  • Now, take a look at your Desktop and you will notice that your “This PC” shows off your customized picture instead of its default icon.

Convert This PC Icon to Your Own Photo in Windows 10


This little change is mostly cherished by the users who always love to make their PC look as per their taste. Altering icons for the folders is known to all and sundry and is, at the same time simply to accomplish but to Convert This PC Icon to Your Own Photo in Windows 10 needs a little tweak. Hope you will now be able to put your customized picture as your “This PC” icon!

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